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  1. Safari youTab root/rom

    Hi mate, SERIOUSLY, cancel your asap! Have had no end of problems. Bought off their eBay store and it wasn't as described, what turned up had a different processor, less ram, old operating system. Sent back through ebay, continuous problems, had to get ebay admins involved, still havent had a full refund. Please mate, spare your self the trouble and cancel. Went to Argos and got a CNM Touchpad 10.1" and has been perfect! Would recomend it anytime. Will look into rooting/romming when the warenty runs out. Might be a port my own job. Curtis
  2. Safari youTab root/rom

    Hi everyone, This is probably in the wrong place as I couldn't find a forum for other android tablets so sorry about that. I have just ordered a Safari youTab and am looking to root it and load a custom ROM when it arrives. The only problem with this is that because Safri Computing isn't a very well known company, there are no specific ROMs for it. My phone (ZTE Skate) is running C3C0's ParanoidJelly 2.80 which I really like. Is there any way to also put this on the tablet? Or will I have to take this up with the developer? Also, it is not on the list of supported devices for Clockworkmod Recovery. I have heard that it requires a custom version, if so where can I get this? I am quite techy but I am relatively new in this area. Any help is greatly appreciated, CurtisWhitby