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  1. Gakarod

    Gta 3 not working

    Thanks BlueMoonRising for download links Cheers
  2. Gakarod

    Gta 3 not working

    thanks guys but can you give the download link for ota tool
  3. Gakarod

    Gta 3 not working

    hey guys finally got an OSD Works quite like charm . no matter what it is apps, games , root asphalt 7, dead trigger , temple run 2 works smoothly but having a problem with gta 3 . ever since i installed it it stats good but after cutscene it stops working and i can only hear audio but no video when i googled it everyone said rooting and then replacing gpu driver would fix it but i could not find a way to replace gpu driver. please can anyone of you great guys can give step by step method as i am new to rooting and flashing stuff please help me fix it as i am really anxious to play it and see its performance on OSD thanks in advance
  4. Gakarod

    Buy Xolo x900 or not ? ? ?

    yeah probably not but also tell me about one v everyone says it good phone and has lot of development please tell as tomorrow is my day to buy xolo x900
  5. Gakarod

    Xolo JB

    someone told me that shadow gun worked on ics xolo x900 ? and also tell me if dead trigger works or not ?
  6. Gakarod

    Xolo JB

    hey guys can anyone tell me if shadow gun works on xolo x900
  7. Gakarod

    Xolo JB probably by March 10!!!!!!!

    would jellybean of xolo x500 or x1000 work on xolo x900
  8. hello guys recently the release of xolo x1000 has created the buzz of jellybean while xolo x900 has chipset of z2460 and xolo x1000 has z2480 lava have anounced that they will jelly bean for x1000 early so i am thinking that if x1000 jelly bean could work on x900 please reply as this thought is bugging me whole night ;)
  9. Gakarod

    Buy Xolo x900 or not ? ? ?

    Thanks dudes i am certainly buying xolo x900 cause after watching benchmarks of x1000 and x900 ity seems that at this price tag xolo x900 is best buy and with us in support for its development i am sure that we would find a way cheers
  10. Hello my fellow mates recently i have thought of buying xolo x900 . great specs and performance but after checking everything i found one major problem boot loader is locked means no further development and after seeing the response of lava and orange it looks like jelly bean chances are grim :( so after all that i am very keen to know from you great people who helped me so much that weather it will be good or bad thought to buy xolo x900 in this time when htc one and s4 are coming weather i should stick to xolo or not also tell me if xperia p or desire x or xolo x900 please help me as i am very confused thanks in advance