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  1. Can any one please suggest what more I can do to fix my Samsung S3 GT-I9300 , It stuck on logo screen, It can't go to recovery mode, I CAN GO to download mode, but odin always fail to install TWP or CWM. what other options I can try ?
  2. I have an Acer liquid A1 (S100). the sound only works when I plug the earphone. The headphone icon is always shown even when I unplug them, there is no sound when I play MP3 or receive a call unless I plug the earphone . Anyone faced the same problem and fixed it? please share. I think it's a hardware problem because , I tried factory reset, and reinstalled different roms, but still the same problem. I resold the earphone jack still same problem, the rear speakers aren't faulty, because when I receive a call and choose "speaker" i can hear well, however speakers doesn't work when i play mp3 or videos, and front speakers aren't working when i receive a call.
  3. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    Yes it does
  4. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    Thanks, Hope you don't forget to include the camera fix in the next release ;)
  5. USB tethering problem ??

    I'am using "TouchWiz-ROM v1.2" too, but it doesn't work for me, when I check USB tethering, it get unchecked automatically after 1 second.
  6. USB tethering problem ??

    How to get USB tethering to work?? I have used different CM7.2 ROMs on my acer Liquid S100, but none of them seem to support USB tethering , please if any one knows how tell me how and what custom rom it works on ? Thanks !!!!
  7. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    USB tethering isn't working. can you please check???
  8. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    I just installed it, it is the same camera included in this rom with the same problem.
  9. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    Great, Thank you !!! but the camera app is not working properly , what you see is NOT what you get, is there any better camera app?
  10. Liquid can not detect any other SIM card !!!!

    Try reset the phone, if it didn't work try flashing a stock rom. or it may be there is a weak contact with the sim card and the slot, try insert a sim card and press on it with your finger, to make sure there is a good contact , then turn on your phone .
  11. Liquid can not detect any other SIM card !!!!

    Maybe it's locked to that sim card's operator. did you try a sim card from the same operator ? did you install any security application, like "prey" ?
  12. [ROM][DEV] Dario93's CM9 test builds! [21/03/2013]

    UP , Reminder, hope you still alive Mr Dario93 !! :D
  13. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    The Remix V is much faster, especially on boot !!
  14. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Install or reinstall the drivers and download this TWRP version after you download and extract it click on "install_recovery" and follow the instruction.
  15. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    I think both should work , but I would use TWRP . here is the link of TWRP http://www.modaco.co...p/#entry2108338