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  1. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    New update. Changes v1.2: New base: CM7.2 Remix v3d New icons for Internet connections in the status bar. Fixed battery percentage display mode. Added animation when charging the batteries. New PlayStore 4.0 Also corrected shallow shoals of the Calculator and Browser. Link2SD [DOWNLOAD]
  2. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    New update. Changes v1.1.1: New TouchWiz-Style keyboard. Modified Music. Added Link2SD [DOWNLOAD] Screenshots:
  3. [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    Sorry, MokeeOS not support this language :(
  4. [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    English, Espanol, Russian, Chinese
  5. [CM7.2] MokeeOS - v1.0

    MokeeOS by QGuest v.1.0 01.05.2013 ROM-base: CM7.2 Final + Remix v3 Version MokeeOS:V1.10.436 Author: QGuest [4pda] [Modaco] Version 1.0: [Download] Bugs: Instruction: Screenshots:
  6. [CM 7.2] LewaOS - v1

    LewaOS by [ray v1 19.04.2013 ROM-base: CM7.2 Final + Remix v3 Author: [ray [4pda] Version 1: [Download] [GApps] Instruction: Screenshots:
  7. [ROM] CyanMobile X - V2

    Test it: Proximity_sensor_fix_CyanMobileX.zip
  8. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    NO. You have to install CWM or TWRP. Read the instruction
  9. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    Yes, CWM or TWRP.
  10. [CM7.2] TouchWiz-ROM v1.2

    TouchWiz-ROM by QGuest v.1.2 10.05.2013 ROM-base: CM7.2 Final + Remix v3d Author: QGuest [4pda] [Modaco] Features:ROM in the style TouchWiz 4-5 All graphics integrated into the APK-files. Added some Samsung apps. New Play Store. Integrated GApps. Modified:The entire framework. Dialer Settings Status bar Music Lockscreen And more applications ... Version 1.2: [ROM] Instruction: Settings > CyanogenMod > Performance: Enable dithering Select "force disabled" under "scrolling cache"
  11. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    fixed :) http://www.modaco.com/topic/361593-jelly-bean-style-for-cm72/#entry2110268
  12. [MOD] Jelly Bean Style for CM7.2 v2.8

    fxd! Names: "Camera" and "Gallery". Camera-fix: [DOWNLOAD]
  13. [MOD] Jelly Bean Style for CM7.2 v2.8

    Yes) Yes, of course. I don't mind :)
  14. [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

  15. [MOD] Jelly Bean Style for CM7.2 v2.8

    na.zariy, add a new version. Changes v2.8: New Settings (fully identical with ICS) Fixed bugs in the dialer Fixed font Roboto Added some init.d-tweaks. The new camera and gallery Nexus-bootanimation Ringtones from Nexus 4 [DOWNLOAD] New screenshots: