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  1. Problem with skate

    Thanks for that APN now sorted, thought it might be something simple. I will look into diffent roms, thanks everyone for all your help. So glad I came across this forum.
  2. Problem with skate

    Done, and sorted thanks. Only thing now is signal is poor and no data connection? have played with setting no differences. Is there a better os out there that uses the same principle as the one I have just done, zip file to sd card?
  3. Problem with skate

    No thats all in english, all apps ect are all chinese, when they where all uk before. Jared
  4. Problem with skate

    Sorry, My explanion was not very good. The setting ect are all still in english, the home page and apps are all chinese, I can still use the phone and work my way around it. When i got it, it was like my Atrix I had, but since the update its reverted back to what looks like the chinese os? regards jared
  5. Hi Guys new to the forum, so hello :), Ive recently got hold of a unbranded Skate v690. Brilliant phone, but ive managed to bugger it up. I went on to the uk website and downloaded the system update tool, and update the system. Ive lost everything and it has reverted to what i think is the Chinese factory settings. Everything is in chinese and google play, maps ect have gone. Any idea of how i can set it back to uk? regards Jared