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  1. ICS + sms error : Code 1

    Maybe that is the case. It is not working altough I have already read that this was the solution on another devices.
  2. ICS + sms error : Code 1

    No problem. My problem is that the line that has the value to be changed, doesn't exist. I tried to add it but it didn't worked out. Could it be because I have to place it in a specific area of the file (before or after some specific line of code)?
  3. ICS + sms error : Code 1

    No, not at all. Thanks anyway.
  4. ICS + sms error : Code 1

    Hello. Another portuguese in trouble! I tried that out but the line is not there, it doesn't exist. Tried to add it but with no success. Where should it be placed? Before and after what lines? Thanks.