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  1. Some overclocking tips.

    Hey Just got a Huawei G300 and installed the Stock+ ROM and No-Frills CPU to overclock it. However, I figured I'd post here since my question is more of a general one than one specific to that phone. I'm wondering if I should just overclock when I want to use a 3D intensive app (like I'm playing Dead Space right now so an extra 0.2 ghz really makes it run nice) and then clock back down when I'm done or should I just leave it clocked up? The phone got a bit hot while I was playing Dead Space overclocked, so I'm wondering if its safer to leave it at 1GHZ when I don't need any more than that. Thank you.
  2. I installed Stock+ and somehow it magically/accidentally unlocked me. No idea how or why, but it worked. If I were to move to CM9/10 or some other rom, would it relock?
  3. Sorry for making so many topics. I'm new to Android and I'm really doing awfully. I bought a brand new Vodafone G300 from Amazon. I was running Stock+ B960 and I tried to follow http://www.modaco.co...lock-your-g300/ this guide to unlock the phone. I backed up my IMEI and then restored the modified IMEI files. I then went to restart my phone, but instead of starting back up it just boots in CWM Recovery. How can I get the phone to boot back into a state where I can restore my original IMEI stuff? Thank you
  4. How do I do that? Sorry I'm new to the android stuff.
  5. Hey. Just installed this but I keep getting an "Unfortunately, res/drawable-hdpi/battery_low_battery.png has stopped." error. Anyone know what i can do to fix this?
  6. Then I must be having some other problem, because I have my giffgaff sim in the phone and it's definitely installed properly as I imported all my contacts from it, but I'm getting no mobile service.
  7. I got a new phone what can Twitter which is pretty cool.

  8. Hey. I just bought a G300 and immediately rooted it and installed this ROM It's my first Android device so I'm probably doing something wrong. It's locked to Vodafone, but I want to use Giffgaff/O2 and so I need to unlock it. If I were to buy an unlock code, where would I enter it? Since installing CM9 I no longer get the prompt to enter a code to unlock the phone.
  9. gonna watch star trek deep space nine again start to finish dont even give a s*** come at me fight me ill knock you flat mate badword erryting