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  1. HTC Inspire 4g AT&T useless

    Hi all, try to be brief, but not simple: Excuse my broken English, isn't my born language First, I swear I've read many posts with cases similar to mine and I tried so many commands and tricks without success, so I decide to publish mine. I know I posted this in other forums too, but maybe somebody are not using or reading the same forums, and that's why I'm doing it here... I have an HTC Inspire 4G, AT&T, rooted, S-off, and running Trickdroid. After a while I decided to return it to the original stock. However, when using the RUU utility, I got an error message and my phone it ruined. Try to summarize as much as possible the conditions and the current situation: Environments: Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux. Power not work Power + Vol Down do not work. If I connect it to the outlet orante LED turn on, and charging it, but I must not press any buttons at all, after ten minutes, HTC logo appears with four exclamation marks on the screen. However, Windows can not find the device until 5 or 10 minutes later. I have access to fastboot commands, but not ADB. I tried to format the partitions, reflash, do recovery, recover partitions, etc, endless commands that do not give me a result. The information obtained from the achievement of limited screen or fastboot commands is as follows: I used the commands, among many others: Fastboot oem boot fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (or zip) fastboot oem resetRUUflag fastboot reboot -bootloader (this just turn the phone off) fastboot oem get_identifier_token (answer: (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!) fastboot format userdata formatting 'userdata' partition... FAILED (remote: unknown command) FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.020s fastboot format cache formatting 'cache' partition... FAILED (remote: unknown command) FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.017s In many cases the response message in the command line is: remote no allowed SD card formatted. I have no access to the SD card from the phone connected. Please tell me if there is any other way to recover my phone, or if it is just an expensive piece of nothing. Thanks for everything.