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  1. back button does not work,No Chinese
  2. memory: SJS00M date: 02/2012 Thank you very much to tell us these things。 :)
  3. [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    “clock stop work ” please fix it
  4. Phone loud speaker does not work, others are perfect, waiting for the fixed version, Thank you for your rom!!! :)
  5. [JB] [4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10.0 [ROM]

    thank you for your rom!!! But the camera is too slow, there will be a green screen, what is the reason, I hope you fix it.
  6. Thank you for your rom!!! But Set the language for the Chinese,Cause the following error. "Sorry, the process "com.android.phone" has stopped running"