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    zte blade 3
  1. Root ZTE blade 3?

    Ok, thank you, but i need to root it without using PC. Is that possible?
  2. Root ZTE blade 3?

    Is it possible to root this phone without computer? If so, can you provide me step by step guide , please.
  3. Random reboots

    Try to pull out your memory card. It work for me, i didn't have resets anymore.
  4. Installing stock rom error

    May i do a full wipe (format system/cash/...) before installing official rom (update.zip)?
  5. Random reboots

    I need to root it firs, how? Where to find stock rom zip file (link please)? Can I flash it from stock recovery or I need CWM? Step-by-step will be great :)
  6. Random reboots

    i have the same problem too and since i'm a newbie, can anyone provide me step-by-step guide how to flash stock rom? thanks in advance