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  1. +1 but File not found...can U repair download link please? :)
  2. Is there any ROM without CM kernel? I'm tired from the testing a lot od ROMs with horible quallity of call sound,but I wanna daily use JB. :D
  3. Is the quality of calling good or bad as the CM?
  4. Is any lags if I play games? Real racing etc. Btw is all translate in English? Thx
  5. U can use Wubi installer. ;) But Wubi can use only 30GB and source AOSP download me 12GB :D U can have a problem with using Cache.
  6. Hello, I want find "clear" ICS build, but there is nothing. For the building (for example) CM9 devs used stock ROM or compile own from AOSP? Thx