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  1. Does anybody know, if PDroid, PDroid 2.0 or Open PDroid patch is already integrated into the PA2.81 ROM? I tried to generate a patch but without success:
  2. Hi Daniel, I tried this method: After copying the files to the SD card and verification (MD5), I switched the phone off an on again (holding "menu"+"VOL+" as described) when it started into "T-Flash...(something)" (green letters on black background). A progress bar was running from 0 to 84 or 85% when an error accurred. I thougt I bricked the phone now and was a little bit shocked... :wacko: But then it rebooted into CWM Recovery (I had before!) so I wiped data, cache, dalvik and restored my last backup (ParanoidAndroid 2.81). Reboot took a while, but in the end it booted normally. :) I checked "Partition Info": /system: 160MB /data:279MB /cache: 2MB The partition sizes looks as expected and the phone seems to run normally. The user installed apps were not there because of wiped user data - no problem to reinstall manually. What went wrong in the beginning? Should I repeat the TPT procedure? Or is everything OK now? Should I update CWM to ver. again? (how?)
  3. Anyone who uses this nice ROM with PDroid 2.0 ? I tried several times to generate a patch using ApG , but no success jet... Could PDroid 2.0 be integrated in the downloadable ROM? I miss the feature to reduce app permissions per finger touch, like CM7 had.
  4. I have a Blade gen2 that was delivered with stock Android 2.2.2. BladeChecker app said: I rooted with z4root, then I installed ROM Manager v5.0.2.5 , CWM Recovery and then the following ROMs: - CM7.2(2.3.7) - CM10.1(4.2.2) (runs not smoothly, some apps aborted...) - CM10(4.1.2) - ParanoidAndroid 2.8.1 (CM10/4.1.2) Because the phonememory is very small, and at the system partition only 140MB are used at the moment, I want to change the partition sizes like this layout: Is 2MB cache enough without using any additional relocation tools? Where does the additional 35MB (=454-419) come from? Was it just unused space before? Should I backup some ID's (IMEI, other ID's)? Can I use this method and this TPT file (160/294/2)? It's not quite clear to me, how to use the stock recovery. Is it still there, if I installed CWM Recovery and several custom ROMs before? If not, would it be OK to install the stock recovery "over" the CWM? Is this stock recovery the correct version for my Blade (gen2)? How to do it exactly? What happens, if something was going wrong and no recovery system works at the end? How could I restore my old CWM(Nandroid) backups? Or would the Blade then be bricked...?
  5. Pretty old version... I used CWM Recovery without a problem.
  6. Where can I find the CM10 file manager in PA2.80?
  7. What's the method of calculating the battery levels? Is it just a table that relates battery voltage to retaining battery capacity? Or does an android has a battery current sensor for measuring the real current that is drawn from the battery (multiplying/intergrating over time results in mAh that can easy be related to the known total battery capacity (mAh)? Is there a way to "correct" the used method?
  8. On my Blade it was a difference like day and night, believe me...
  9. Hi, I tried this ROM at my Blade. I runs smooth and I like it very much. :D How can I update the launcher (Trebuchet) to latest version? Is the GoogleApps package (gapps-jb-20121017-KonstaKANG.zip) the latest version?
  10. Hi, I tried that 4.2.2 ROM on my Blade. I like it very much, but it doesn't run smooth on my blade. So I tried to overclock @710MHz (@729MHz it freezes in a few seconds). The problem is still there: often delayed response on finger touchs, up popping windows "application closed" etc. Yesterday I tried this 4.1.2 ROM, and it works perfectly smooth without any tricks @604MHz. Any ideas, what went wrong?