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  1. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Hi, Is the Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 still a good phone? I was looking at the Prime version which has slightly better CPU and more memory. Thanks.
  2. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    So I've ordered a cheap 8297w replacement battery off ebay, however, I doubt it is a Coolpad original Are these recommended, or likely a fake or something? I read somewhere they can explode! This is the one I ordered: Coolpad F1 Battery EDIT: So I cancelled the ebay order, as I think it probably would be more trouble than it's worth. So where can I buy an offical Coolpad F1 battery? Does this look legit? Thanks, KP
  3. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    I have noticed that when on a completely black screen, there are patches where light is coming through, mostly around the top/bottom and sides. Also, my bulging battery problem has got worse, so I'm wondering if it is the swelling battery that is bending the screen, by putting pressure on the back. perhaps this pressure is what is causing the tint patches? Anyway, I am going to order a replacement battery, and maybe give this phone to my GF. Looking at getting another China Phone, what is a good one to go for these days? Cheers, KP
  4. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    Hi, I have noticed I have a yellow stain/tint developing on the edges of my screen. It is noticeable when there is a white background on the screen. I believe this may have been cause by having the phone in tight jeans pocket with keys. Has anyone else seen this happen to their phones before, and maybe know a fix? Cheers. KP
  5. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Just want to give an update on my experience with this rom: Firstly, I though the F1 had a crappy GPS chip, but with this rom, it has turned my phone into a pretty competent satnav. The only negatives I found were that you can't put a PIN on the lockscreen, the USB mtp wouldn't autoload with my Linux laptop, the nvram WiFi access point thing, and finally when you reboot the phone, you received old missed call notifications. For me these are minor however, so this rom is a long term keeper!
  6. Newbie question about official ROMs

    I think it will, as it is a 'general' ROM with a whole s*** load of different languages (ie ENG-US, ENG-GB, ENG-AUS etc) Think you might need baseband 2030 though. Had PDF in zip explaining how to do it. Worked a treat for me, now minus all the vodafone shite, and rooted alright too!
  7. Newbie question about official ROMs

    Never mind, found a link on Huawei's official site:
  8. Hi, I have read the stickies, but I'm still a bit confused! Recently purchased a used G300 off ebay, which appears to have the stock 4.0.3 Vodafone s/w on it. Followed a guide off YouTube to root & install bootloader, seems to have worked. What I want to do is to install the official Huawei 4.0.3 (or whatever the latest is), so I don't have all the Vodafone stuff on it. I cannot seem to see a link to this ROM though, only custom ones (I was contemplating stock+) So question is, does anyone know where I can get official Huawei 4.0.3 unbranded from? Thanks (I think I'm 2030, EN GB version)

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