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  1. Just been reading about the wifi hack KRACK. Says mostly Android 6, but other too. Are any ROMs patched for this yet?
  2. Hi, does MIUI 9 ROM use Android 7.0?
  3. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Think I may have resolved issue. Used app GPS Status & Toolbox, and did a reset and download of gps files. Maybe they got corrupt or something.
  4. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Been having GPS problems recently with this ROM. Not sure if a Google Play update causing this, or the hardware is faulty. Anyone else had GPS problems (not seeing satellites) recently with this ROM?
  5. Without encryption, if you lose your phone, or it is stolen, someone can access your photos/messages/data.
  6. Iphones encrypted by default. Android newer versions give option to encrypt the memory under privacy/security settings. Otherwise anyone can access your files over usb without the need for a password. https://www.howtogeek.com/141953/how-to-encrypt-your-android-phone-and-why-you-might-want-to/amp/
  7. Is there a way to encrypt the phone with MIUI roms? Can't find the option under settings...
  8. Hi, Not been on the forums for a while, so not sure what the best ROM to have is (I have MIUI, Android Version 4.4.2) In light of the wiki-leaks CIA disclosure in the news, it seems all Android versions up to kitkat are vulnerable to hacking (by both government and criminals) Are there any stable ROMs for the 8297w that are at lollipop or marshmallow?
  9. [ROM][4.4.2] MIUI v6-v7

    Update - followed dalyer's instructions above, and installed MIUI over Maucat. Everything works fine, even better I can now use a pin on the lock screen :-) Is there a way to get the inbuilt virus scanner definitions to update? (tencent and avl)
  10. [ROM][4.4.2] AOSP by maucat

    Just did what dmrtn above said, and manually installed the latest Playstore APK from XDA forums. This has cured the 'Playstore crashing whilst typing in search bar' bug I had :-) Has anyone managed to fix the pin code lock feature yet? (other than installing a third party one off Playstore - I was looking at Hi Locker, but that wouldn't protect the phone on boot up?)
  11. Hi, been awhile since I've been back on here. Did the Coolpad F1 ever get Lollipop update? I'm still on AOSP Maucat, was wondering if there was a more recent recommended ROM. Thanks.
  12. I think I will try and stick with 4 to 5 inch all the same. The Redmi 3 pro does look like an amazing phone, just a bit too big to be a daily carry. Maybe some of the old Xiaomi models will fit this criteria.
  13. I cancelled the order in the end. One thing I forgot to take into consideration was how big the thing would be. The Coolpad F1 is the limit on how big a 'mobile' device I would carry should be. I don't think I want to go above a 5 inch screen. Even fitting the Coolpad F1 in your jeans trouser pocket is a challenge! I might look at smaller Xiaomi alternative or something. I like the size of the old iphone 4s, but that screen is perhaps too tiny. :o
  14. Ordered it from AliExpress in the end, went for the standard free postage option, so will probably take a month to get here! Fingers crossed they send what I ordered, and no customs fees...
  15. Think I'm going to order one via the GearBest link you said. These phones do look kinda cool! Did you use just the standard 'free' shipping, and did it come with any 'gifts', like phone case or screen protectors? Cheers