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  1. I think I will try and stick with 4 to 5 inch all the same. The Redmi 3 pro does look like an amazing phone, just a bit too big to be a daily carry. Maybe some of the old Xiaomi models will fit this criteria.
  2. I cancelled the order in the end. One thing I forgot to take into consideration was how big the thing would be. The Coolpad F1 is the limit on how big a 'mobile' device I would carry should be. I don't think I want to go above a 5 inch screen. Even fitting the Coolpad F1 in your jeans trouser pocket is a challenge! I might look at smaller Xiaomi alternative or something. I like the size of the old iphone 4s, but that screen is perhaps too tiny. :o
  3. Ordered it from AliExpress in the end, went for the standard free postage option, so will probably take a month to get here! Fingers crossed they send what I ordered, and no customs fees...
  4. Think I'm going to order one via the GearBest link you said. These phones do look kinda cool! Did you use just the standard 'free' shipping, and did it come with any 'gifts', like phone case or screen protectors? Cheers
  5. Mi account? Do you have to create one of those to use the phone, or can I get away with just my Google Play account? I was looking at how you fit the Micro SD card in it, quite clever it goes in the empty nano sim slot!
  6. Hi dalyer, how much of the 32Gb internal storage is left after the ROM is installed?
  7. I guess unless it's from a Eurpeon warehouse, or the customs is prepaid, then not sure how they can guarantee no customs. Unless the seller reimburses you if you get charged or something.
  8. Aliexpress listing I've been reading some of the reviews online, and the comments people write at the bottom. There does seem to be reports of quite a few bugs at the moment with MIUI 7 on the phone, and that simple things like accessing the phone via a PC requires MIUI software (rather than just appearing as a USB drive) etc. Could be good with a stock android rom I guess...
  9. Hi dalyer, I found one on aliexpress that claims you pay no customs duty if they send via DHL. Is it worth getting a maxed out Pro Prime with 32Gb of memory, or is there a microSD slot you can add your own? I already have a spare 32Gb microSD card I could use.
  10. Thanks for the info, thats just what I wanted to know. Might get this phone soon then, sounds like the default ROM installed on it is perfectly livable, albeit probably with some Chinese apps.
  11. If you got Google Play on it, you could try an pp called GPS Test, see how long it takes to lock onto sattallites and GT a 3D fix?
  12. Keep us posted on how it goes, might end up importing one of these bad boys soon, if they still do a 32Gb version. If you get around to it sometime, could you check the GPS out for me, as I use my phone as a satnav. Thanks dalyer :)
  13. The yellow sticker on the box you got may have been talking about the fact the phone isn't CE marked, and is not for sale in Europe. Products sold in the EU must have a CE mark to state it meets the required safety and electrical standards. A lot of stuff from China also has fake markings on anyway!
  14. Don't think they would have given you the package without payment first, if it had customs duty/VAT due on it. I just got stung on a Region 1 DVD from the US, was only a couple of pounds over the £18 limit. Got charged nearly £4 VAT, and £8 Royal Mail delivery fee. Probably the most expensive DVD I own now!

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