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  1. No hope for jelly bean?

    Can you show proof of you, receiving the thinkpad and iphone 3gs, such as a picture ?
  2. No hope for jelly bean?

    Do you mind showing proof ?
  3. Mobile Update

    Getting the same response from different Orange advisors, regarding to Jelly Bean. This one said that information regarding Jelly Bean, Orange will receive on Monday or Tuesday, and that it could be Jelly Bean 4.2. Could this be true or another excuse to stop people asking ?
  4. Seriously, you're a very lucky man. How did you get the number, to contact Orange executive office ? Also, Do you think they would consider giving me a refund, as my phone has various amount of cracks on the casing (3 hairline cracks on casing but 3 cracks on the black outer bezel around the screen of the phone) ?
  5. Mobile Update

    Even more lies i think by Orange, they said it be available to update today
  6. Mobile Update

    Look at this. According to this Orange Advisor, we might be getting Jelly Bean 4.2, but different Ornage Advisors say different things.
  7. Mobile Update

    According to an other Orange Advisor, Orange will receive information on Friday, based on Jelly Bean for the Orange San Diego.
  8. Jelly Bean available (according to officials in Orange)

    Same I haven't received an 12/27/37 mb update either
  9. Jelly Bean available (according to officials in Orange)

    If you live in the uk and have an Orange store near you, call them or go into store to see if there is an update avaliable. Because as you said, different Orange advisors give different answers, but it could be a complete waste of time .
  10. Mobile Update

    But how come when i ask them, they suggest to go to store ? . To be honest you're probably right.
  11. Jelly Bean available (according to officials in Orange)

    I've tried and nothing unfortunately, but i'll keep on checking in the next through days
  12. Mobile Update

    I would recommend that, anybody going to there closest Orange store, to ask if an update is available to Jelly Bean 4.1, is available in store, and if it will be available as an OTA update.
  13. Mobile Update

    Just been told by an Orange Advisor that Jelly Bean 4.1 was available to update on the Orange San Diego, but when i checked the OTA update, No updates were available at that time.
  14. Mobile Update

    Send me a link please, where someone has said this ?
  15. Mobile Update

    Asking even more questions towards the Orange Advisors, and this one yet again said that, Orange could be told officially, whether or not Jelly Bean 4.1 is coming to OSD, in the next couple of days,probably Monday (referring to my last Orange Advisor chat screenshot posted)