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  1. narkoman88 take link to original topic :)
  2. Ok, after testing my observatons: - awfully slow (notification beam, lock screen) - keyboard in another language than english "was stop" - camera from 4.0 freeze - it seems that rom has battery drain - when I listening music and try to do something with files on SD music stop, I found that all. Someone have idea how to fix some bug? When we use in "additional" setting on mega or super (I forgot that :P) performance that does not significantly affect on phone speed EDIT: Again install rom and player problem was fixed :) Next, when we use in Additional, next in Power Manage Super Performance rom is average fast and like to reboot ;/ On Performance is stable and averange fast. Next - this rom havent battery drain I think it's cool ;)
  3. For Polish too. Good rom, fast :) Test shows how to battery drain and stability.
  4. You might be right, I forgot, gapps for 4.2.2 doesn't work on 4.2.1 :) On XDA i saw topic about that, something like "how to run gaaps 4.2 on 4.1" I'm stupid but this is important message :)
  5. "Unfortunelly keyboard was stop" O.o how to fix? Reset to default setting, again install rom or another doesn;t work
  6. List of bug? It's for everyday use?
  7. So this isn't multilanguage? Only Chinese and English?
  8. For me the best rom :) But... When I try to download Polish dictionary in keyboard setting all is fine, then I use "refresh" (on dictionary list) every dictionary is possibly to download again, like I had never download ;/ Next is call voice quality, when I use the phone on speaker can hear a nice clean sound. But after 5sec sound suddenly greatly enhanced volume level and the sound becomes unclear. J've got this on CM9.1, CM10.1. Sorry for my english ;)
  9. Snap camera is great https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marginz.snap&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5tYXJnaW56LnNuYXAiXQ..
  10. Do not work for me gesture typing, I have everything checked and not work ;/
  11. Thanx, but I have something different in mind :P I'm edited post.
  12. Great rom kyan31 !!! Bug thah I found/noticed is: - force closed Trebutcher - force closed Apollo (since version 1.0 of Apollo while listening music and change or try to find sond) - reboot if we set max OC. I think is voltage problem (the same problem is with CM9.1 dazzo, after install another kernel http://www.modaco.co...deep-sleep-fix/ rom works great - battery life, speed - great governor) - sometime when I try to unlock phone doesn't work (I press the power button and nothing happens) - writing gestures does not work (I used Xperia keyboard) - wery often when wy try to change theme in theme chooser many apps force closed - when I test Pie control phone a few time reboot. And the top: more optimizations and more update, everyone love update! :) My suggestions: - more update :) - more optimizations - possiblity to set "don't show again" in warning about hearing lost while we set vol + Use Aroma installer and here possiblity to: - change size of button in Quick Setting panel - another add-ons - some apps
  13. kryzysord

    HD video on our G300

    MSM7227A not support HD ;/ only FWVGA (854x480)