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  1. Vodafone sim 128 k bug

    I can call and sms if I don't lock the sim card (remove the pin code). The only problem is for internet and mms now. If you are sure there no solution, I'm going to look for a stock based rom. Too bad I can't enjoy the great roms available here :S Thanks.
  2. Vodafone sim 128 k bug

    There nothing to do so? We can't just change settings inside the phone? Since we are root, we can do all the things we want no? Sorry but I'm noob with that, thanks for the help.
  3. Vodafone sim 128 k bug

    Hi, I just got a new sim card, and discover this bug, and I cannot use my phone anymore... Sim card work on stock fw, but all custom rom fail and are not detected, I got a "no service". I have removed the "lock sim card" feature, so now the phone can connect to the network and I can call and sms. But there still one problem, I cannot use 3g because I can't add an apn (when I add an apn, it's not saved!). Seems it's a know problem since more that one year, but I haven't found any solution. Someone can confirm that, there really no way to make it work? And what is the best solution, change the rom or maybe ask a new sim card (I don't know if this is possible or if vodafone has only 128k sim card now...). Thanks for the help, I'm a bit desesperate xD, I tried so much things, without any success :/ I miss internet on my phone lol.
  4. Can you tell me more about that? Because I just got a new vodafone sim, and it work well on stock rom, but when I install a custom rom, there no way (I tried 2 differents custom roms), I always get a "no service" error, it's like my sim card is not see by the phone. Maybe you can help me, thanks.
  5. Problem with sim card

    Hi, I have a similar problem. I changed my provider, so I got a new sim card. The sim card work fine on a htc tattoo (older phone) but no on my acer liquid metal. The phone was blocked on SFR network (but now I believe it's unlocked with the latest update), but that not the problem since my sim card is SFR too! (french network). I tried another SFR sim, and same problem, it don't work on the acer liquid metal. I tried two custom rom, lewa os (september version witch was working perfectly with my old sim) and the latest lewa os (february version) and I got a "no service" when I power the phone, and I don't get prompted to enter the sim code... I tried another custom rom (holo-cm7) but same problem. So I decided to flash the stock rom, and with the stock rom it work! But I want a custom rom, so I tried to flash again a custom rom with full wipe, it doesn't work. Then I flashed a custom without any wipe, with the hope that my sim card will be seen, but no luck again. I tried that with the 3 custom rom I mentionned above (so it took my all the afternoon for nothing xD). After I tried *#*#4636#*#* and changed all the network settings that I can (cdma, gsm, gsm prl, gsm cdma prl auto, and I don't remember the others lol). But I never get promped to enter the sim code. I'm really desespered, so I hope someone will know what this problem is related to, because now I became crazy! Thanks for the help, and sorry for this long message, but I wanted to explain all the problem.