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  1. Yup, while Bluetooth tethering is still not working (according to my very brief test, perhaps because of the advertised existing Bluetooth issue), setting up a Wifi hotspot works beautifully in R3. Not tested much else but really really happy about this. Thanks Daz, kra1o5 and whoever else has contributed to 10.1 in general and specifically to the G300 port.
  2. Can anyone tell me whether bluetooth-sharing/wifi hotspot tethering works for them with 10.1-20130216-EXPERIMENTAL-u8815-R2? When I set up a portable hotspot either as WPA2 or Open it doesn't become visible to clients. I've tried connecting from another phone, a laptop and a Nexus 7, none of which can see the Portable Hotspot. Setting it up manually on the Nexus 7 as you do for hidden hotspots doesn't allow it to discover it either. So I tried Bluetooth-sharing the internet connection with the Nexus 7. Again, there was no error message or warning, everything looked as if it should work ("Connected to device for Internet access" is ticked, the Bluetooth icon active) but unfortunately the Nexus 7 keeps telling me it does not have an internet connection when I try to browse the web or go into PlayStore. From the phone I can browse though so it does have an internet connection, it just fails to share it. Generally I do know how to set this all up since I've done it before (wifi hotspot from my older G300 with ICS and bluetooth from my wife's Samsung Galaxy S with 4.1 Cyanogenmod), just can't get it to work here. Any ideas?