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  1. matrix129 added a post in a topic [ROM] Official ROMS [U8815/U8818]   

    cant download b882 there is no file
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  2. matrix129 added a post in a topic Can't downgrade to b895.   

    thx , but i found this

    it worked for me and if somebody has may problem then this shoud doo
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  3. matrix129 added a post in a topic OEMINFO-Hack-Tool-v10 (install any [20/03/2013]   

    worked great. thx. back on
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  4. matrix129 added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 -   

    Can't downgrade to b895.
    My problem is big. had an official upgrade to ICS from GB and ofcorse because i am NOOB in such things, i just upgraded it.
    but now my phone is slow , when i play some games it just restarts. And i can't do it with official method because i have b935 version.

    Please help
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  5. matrix129 added a post in a topic How to restore GB from ICS   

    i can't open it. it sais that there is no fhile
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