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  1. Yes. There is a thread on en.miui.com that shows how to do it painlessly.
  2. You have no space for those apps. KK rom and its variants takes up way more space than GB or ICS or JB roms.
  3. Yep. Replying to post 141 above. Quoted the wrong post :blush:
  4. Its a BIG keyboard :P :P :P :D
  5. Try Big Buttons. Its free from Play store.
  6. Miui v5 4.4.11 has been released. Download from en.miui.com/download-39.html. Clean install is best option. Updater-script has to be edited as per Rhen's post no.69
  7. Wipe everything with TWRP. Have you edited the updater-script as per Rhens post no. 68?
  8. Its the latest version
  9. Good news. Got MIUI v5 4.3.28 installed via TWRP. Works excellently. No f/cs.No lags. Smooth as silk. This version must have an issue with the latest CWM. Chanced it with TWRP last night & it worked. :D
  10. Yes, Pocha, I installed it via TWRP, and the File Manager is now the only app that forecloses.
  11. Tried it out last night. Full wipes beforehand. Installed & rebooted OK. Opened a few apps and all foreclosed. Uninstalled.
  12. Tentmaster

    Is G300's scene dead?

    Ah, welcome back, Dadok. :D