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  1. i never have seen any text on the screen since this problem, this is my problem... i can't interact with this phone....no way ( it must be a secret path anywhere to go,but this path has nobody found yet ...i think it's dead...but my intuition say there is a solution......i cant't believe this! Greetz from Germany
  2. This method doesn't work. When i unplug and replug the USB-Cable the ADT does not response, the LIQUID also.....
  3. Yes, drivers are installed. Could it be that the battery is damaged? Must i have a loaded battery to flash a new OS? Or works it wthout battery too? It always stops at the same time :CHANGE MODE, PLEASE WAIT [Download mode => OS download mode .... There must be a solution.....damn!!! :(
  4. ....at first thx for helping....but it does't work! Where can i find this command prompt to flash it manually? i can't find a file with the name recovery.img. only a file named malezRecovery_0.6.2.img. tryed to flash this one but the message <waiting for device> appears! hmmm.....
  5. I did anything, but, it doesn't do work. The screen is still black. OMG i`m hardly ready to throw this brick into my TV....;) WTF It must exist a solution to fix this problem....or even not..! No RECOVERY, no ......nothing.......!
  6. Hi! I've a big problem with my Liquid. After this phone was installing some updates in the evening it doesn't work the next day. It doesn't start..... :( So i pressed the reset-button under the battery and then it suddenly starts to vibrate continous, the 3 LED's on top were blinking all together and the screen was stil black. This "button-combo's" didn't work. So i tryed to flash te OS....with ADT ...... it works until the massage appears " CHANGE MODE, PLEASE WAIT [Download mode => OS download mode]" I was waiting, but nothing happened.....????? Meanwhile i have expanded the vibration-motor, because i thought this thing break while the battery loading process ( Battery is only loadig when i press this reset-button, but then it vibrates....blinking..... :( ) Malez doesn`t detect this mobile (waitng for device). Is this a hardware or a software problem? Thank you for some good ideas! Here is a log from ADT: //=======================================================// //================== Debug Log Start!! ==================// //=======================================================// [info] : Program version is : ACER Download Tool [intra][single] v3.100 (2009.10.27) [Warning] : Process started in AMSS Download mode [info] : Get AMSS Download Port Start! [AMSS Port] : WaitTime is : 15 [AMSS Port] : Old vid and pid was NOT Found... [AMSS Port] : acer vid and pid was Found [AMSS Port] : AMSS Port is : COM4 [info] : Port for AMSS Download is : COM4 [info] : Beginning to Open AMSS COM Port : UsbConnect() ----------------------------------------------------------- --------------- [info] : Hex file Start !! ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- [Hex] : Receiver thread is ready ! [Hex] : Transfer thread is ready ! [AMSS Port] : WaitTime is : 15 [AMSS Port] : Old vid and pid was NOT Found... [AMSS Port] : acer vid and pid was Found [AMSS Port] : AMSS Port is : COM4 ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- [info] : Hex file Finished !! --------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- [info] : AMSS Start !! ------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- [AMSS] : AMSS Receiver Ready ! [AMSS] : No matter the partition table is the same or diff, Restoration is always needed ! [AMSS] : AMSS Start ! ----------------------------------------------------------- --------------- [info] : AMSS Finished !! ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- [info] : Change mode Start! (AMSS Download to Fastboot mode) [info] : Command is ready. (AMSS Download to Fastboot mode) [info] : Close AMSS com port sorry for my bad english! POLO