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  1. There were lots of these: E/VENC_OMX( 1609): OMX_VENC_MSG_HIGH get_parameter::894 OMX_IndexParamVideoPortFormat this can be a bug in libstagefright.. /data/anr/traces.txt might have some details, or it might not. :huh: "logcat -v time" shows logs with timestamps. seems also Nexus 5 has similar problems with viber: http://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-desire-c/orig-development/dev-cyanogenmod-11-beta1-10-17-2014-t2908047/page58 It's hard to debug if it just reboots.. well, good night for now. :D
  2. Yes. But are there logs between the launch and reboot? You know you can run "adb logcat" and it spits out messages as it receives them? Then just start Viber while it is running..
  3. Would there be anything useful given by logcat before the reboot happens?
  4. Today's version has several security fixes, incl CVE-2014-7911 cm-11-20141119-UNOFFICIAL-atlas40.zip md5sum e0a4de2ac8c5ce63ec5f2742879c90d9 keccak512 4ea955c8ac4418105956fe73a3ccaacb913955d6de16a352c626ed05d80be127efa958e3b1b99d5648d056e3c5d8c76634bb9969ff12e31e72b671f242bc8e6e https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9h02pRWKaODbUNXMEdIMHVvZkU/view?usp=sharing
  5. But but.. I already have 3.
  6. unfortunately this Android 4.4 bug is still not fixed https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=63738 Remember to star if you are experiencing this bug
  7. Isn't that Nov 1 version new enough? Not much has changed since.. http://www.modaco.com/topic/367241-devrom27-cyanogenmod-11-android-444/?p=2237778
  8. Definitely, thanks to Konsta and Cyanogenmod team. I found your earlier post http://www.modaco.com/topic/360987-devrom179-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/page-16#entry2125071 ..in case someone feels adventurous and wants to try encryption. I probably will not bother trying to get CM-12 working on this device.
  9. http://www.gadgtspot.com/2014/10/31/roundtable-cyanogenmod-12-roadmap-leaked-fun-times-ahead/ Last time I tried to enable encryption, it did not work on Blade III. What's the current status?
  10. Can't find a page which shows all changes since 20140702 excluding device-specific changes, but here some: http://www.cmxlog.com/11/hammerhead/ (you can ignore all with android_device_lge_hammerhead tag) I submitted feedback to cmxlog.com about this issue..
  11. Haven't tried, no bluetooth devices. The latest change to kernel is Konsta's Jun 6 2014 commit, so if the drop is due to kernel, the bug still exists. Also, I didn't try doing clean install (factory reset).
  12. Yeah, I was surprised it built ok :P This is the last thing I do for my blade III, the glass is cracked and it is annoyingly slow etc..
  13. I built today's cm11, seems to work. If you have previously installed cm-11-20140702-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip , no need to wipe/factory reset—just install cm-11-20141101-UNOFFICIAL-atlas40.zip and reboot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9h02pRWKaODS3o2aHEtZGF5czA/view?usp=sharing md5:dfe5f819302a51f133c11ef3b9dca78b keccak512:8986cf5864f02ad0aae00cd31655cc4f1edd0072584b893ca05128ab9e8defc55d386d0b73b5c79c9e97257308214d2bee5a6a1fbf4e57b90a2ba84ac3974aec 177882311 bytes
  14. I thought it wanted to download to /cache , and the thing did not bother telling which partition it was writing to.. Now with 337 MiB free at /data I can update apps.
  15. 07-30 21:48:32.618 D/Finsky ( 7945): [1] InstallerImpl.kick: Installer kick null - starting com.android.chrome 07-30 21:48:32.948 W/GLSUser ( 1056): GoogleAccountDataService.getToken() 07-30 21:48:33.318 I/qtaguid ( 7945): Failed write_ctrl(u 75) res=-1 errno=22 07-30 21:48:33.338 I/qtaguid ( 7945): Untagging socket 75 failed errno=-22 07-30 21:48:33.338 W/NetworkManagementSocketTagger( 7945): untagSocket(75) failed with errno -22 07-30 21:48:33.388 E/Finsky ( 7945): [1] InstallerTask.requireInternalStorageOrCancel: Cancel download of com.android.chrome because insufficient free space 07-30 21:48:33.398 D/Finsky ( 7945): [1] InstallerTask.cancelCleanup: Cancel running installation of com.android.chrome # df /cache /data Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize /cache 295.3M 5.4M 289.9M 4096 /data 2.5G 2.2G 262.0M 4096