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  1. New Phone ??

    Gee wiz! Thanks for the useful information! I'm sure no one managed to understand you bought a Moto G 2014. Are you at least getting paid for all this propaganda?
  2. same questions for lg e400 about cm7 and cm10

    Isn't that real? All the people talking about the CM10, disappeared and were never seen, and it's happened a lot of times, so I couldn't trust anyone at this point. But hey, if you want to prove your innocence, just show us a pic, a little video on youtube, a zip that won't work but will say "Hey folks, this thing is in progress!" Useless text won't be accepted by anyone at this point. PS: Don't try to blame on me your lack of motivation, motivation comes independent of other people.
  3. same questions for lg e400 about cm7 and cm10

    No dev here, you better change phone. (and the ones who claim they're working on the almighty CM10 have shown nothing but useless pics/useless text that we, regular users, do not care about)
  4. [ROM][DEV] Android 4.4 Kitkat

    You could assume that if there actually was someone with enough time and/or skill, we'd already have a 4.1.2 port at least.
  5. [ROM][DEV] Android 4.4 Kitkat

    drop your enthusiasm for Android 4.4. 1) 512 > 384/301 MB, so even if optimized it probably won't be worth it. 2) if worth it, there isn't any single developer with enough un-social life or skill to port android 4.4 to this phone, I mean, we didn't even manage to get a usable port of android 4.1 yet. so yeah, just my two cents, but I'm pretty sure no one will ever work on this.
  6. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    Yeah, the "don't please don't " surely proved how much good you are at english, I can only imagine to have such marvelous abilities, And I sure wear tipers, SUUUURE. 1) Learn the badword english, you don't know english at all, and your name makes me wonder of a Russian. I don't know what's the matter with you, but google translate won't work for you crybaby. 2) You can't do what the badword you want on a forum, get it. WE DON'T WANT YOU, and I'm pretty sure you are near the BANHammer, all we can do is wait for your depart FOREVER. 3) You don't own an LG Optimus L3, and this isn't the topic where to talk about what do you want to talk, so, again, GTFO and STFU. 4) You ARE NOT a fu-cking genius! Get over this!!! You are far more stupid than my cat and the back of my refrigerator put together! 5) IDK, just stop and go away, we don't want you and we hate you a lot already.
  7. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    I'm a developer and I won a lot pf contwsts, and I'm still 16,so yeah, can't complain for the jealous part: I can't be jealous of someone that can't speak english.
  8. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    You two should be put inside a box for the North Pole. 1) Boris, you badword piece of.... get your ass out of here! You can't speak english, you don't own an L3 ANYMORE and most of all you are a badword retard troll. 2) Bong, stop posting 999 times in a row, and stop posting here, this is NOT the topic where to talk about root. I hope you will listen to me this time and you will get your ass out of here. PS: Boris, you speak english so bad that Google Translate is far more accurate. oh, 3) BORIS, Your brain works as half as everyone else's, and that's because Hyperthread doesn't fuc-king mean having multiple CPU in a computer. You retarded idiot.
  9. HELP!!!!!!!!! MY PHONE IS STUCK! :((

    Umh. try using a different version then.
  10. HELP!!!!!!!!! MY PHONE IS STUCK! :((

    Power + Up/DOWN volume to do the factory reset and the issue should be solved. Or else IDK, try installing recovery and Superuser and manually flash something.
  11. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    Perharps you could try some lib from the CM10 for the HTC Explorer, I tried once to mod a pre-compiled rom to boot for the L3, I didn't manage it to boot (bootloop) but the screen was working pretty fine (except it had blurred screen, I had to change my phone twice to get one without blurred screen).