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  1. Facebook Home download (including patched APK version)

    With all of the apks from here Installed, everything works on my sgs2 except for replying to SMS chatheads, where no text field appears! Its just a conversation, as opposed to Facebook message chat heads where everything g works normally. This issue persists into the app itself, can't reply to texts.
  2. Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    I lost signal to my phone shortly after altering my build.prop, changing it back had no effect and after multiple reboots I finally reflashed my rom, which successfully returned signal fair warning
  3. Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    My working process: installed the 3 apk's earlier, no build.prop modding and no coverfeed downloaded build.prop editor, changed ro.product.model to MystUL Rebooted phone viola! never reinstalled the apk's, maybe that's the issue?
  4. Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    That worked for me! The camera and status/photo/location buttons still don't work, but the news feed has finally appeared