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  1. Hey, I've got a G510-0100 which has NFC built-in, but unfortunately not all ROMs have support for it so I was wondering if it would be possible to create some kind of universal ZIP that everyone chould flash and get NFC support in their ROM. In this thread I found this ZIP which promises exactly this for MIUI ROMs. The ZIP includes these files: MIUIV5NFC2/ ....META-INF/ ........CERT.RSA ........CERT.SF ........com/ ............google/ ................android/ ....................update-binary ....................updater-script ........MANIFEST.MF ....system/ ........app/ ............Nfc.apk ............Tag.apk ........etc/ ............nfcee_access.xml ............permissions/ ................android.hardware.nfc.xml ................com.android.nfc_extras.xml ................com.cyanogenmod.nfc.enhanced.xml ................com.nxp.mifare.xml ........lib/ ............hw/ ................nfc.exynos4.so ................nfc.huawei.so ............libnfc.so ............libnfc_jni.so ............libnfc_ndef.so In red I marked the files I am wondering about if they're really needed and/or correctly written. Is there anybody who could (help me) fix the ZIP? Thanks in advance. landapfel
  2. Is there a possibility to get NFC working on G510-0100 with this ROM?
  3. I've just flashed the 2013.09.27 build and I encounter quite a lot of force reboots. Is it only me or do others also have the problem? Also the gallery messes up all the pictures in camera swipe-to-view mode. Which was/is the most stable build available? land.apfel
  4. Wipe system and flash 09/14 build and gapps. You should be good to go then.
  5. I didn't do long-time tests so far but as I see it it is as good as SlimBean. Haven't noticed any big difference.
  6. I was coming from SLIMBean 4.2.2 B8.0 which already was a good ROM but this ROM is just perfect. Everything I've tried so far worked. Thank you very very much Dazzozo for your hard work!
  7. I've requested an unlock code for my Huawei Ascend Y300 yesterday. 24 hours later I got the code which worked perfectly well. The price is also very good. I can only recommend this service! It's the first that has really worked also.
  8. I've also got the lockscreen problem where the digitizer(?) doesn't turn on and so you can't unlock. After locking and unlocking again, the touchscreen works. Does anybody have experience with that issue? land.apfel PS: The touchscreen also does not work if you open the power menu e.g.
  9. Hi there, I was looking for a MIUI v5 ROM for our beloved G300's. As most of you have U8815 (I suppose, which is the European version) and the only up to date MIUI v5 ROM is U8818 (the Chinese version) only, I'm writing a little How-To get the U8818 ROM running on U8815. MIUI has released a list of unofficial ports: http://en.miui.com/t...d-2651-1-1.html The U8818 entry links to: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=2095293285&uk=3791923799 (Just click the button which is labeled with the size) Now we have to modify the original zip: Unzip. Navigate to META-INF/com/google/android Edit update-script with your favorite text editor. In the first line the script checks if the device really is a U8818. So what you do is replace every occurance of 'u8818' by 'u8815' Optional: Navigate to system/ Optional: Edit build.prop Replace every occuarance of u8818 with u8815 you want to. It doesn't really matter. Zip it again. Flash. I've done the same thing to 3.6.28 last week and the ROM works very very well. Very stable, but a bit laggy like it's normal for MIUI on slower devices. I've done the modifications to the 3.7.5 version and I'm providing it here: http://ul.to/erj4j5p8/ Please be careful. This zip is untested. I don't provide any warranty though. If the flash is not successfull and your device is dead or bricked afterwards, it is not my problem and I won't be able to help you. Good luck! landapfel
  10. landapfel

    ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    The problem is that because of law the whole mobile network stuff can't be done by the system itself and there has to be a separate baseband processor to do it for you. And normally you can't flash a new radio because it's locked. Some phones afaik allow you to flash signed radios. Direct Unlock basically hacks your phone and flashes a new radio (without the restriction) afaik. That's why this works and code attempts don't. landapfel
  11. landapfel

    ZTE Blade III Sim Lock

    Was to expect, wasn't it?
  12. landapfel

    [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

    Just because it's a stupid idea grown in Google's head it doesn't make the idea good ;-) Having integrated memory with just one partition for data and SD card of course has advantages if you e.g. like having 400 apps installed or require incredibly fast access speeds, but apart from that I can only see disadvantages (at least for the user): - You cannot increase the amount of memory. - Sometimes access is even slower because the manufacturer just used crappy chips. Otherwise you could just get a faster card and with a bit of luck... - In case of warranty you have to save your data somehow. If you had an SD card you could just take it out and put into in the replacement. - If your phone breaks completely (like my Nexus S did) all your data is lost with no way of getting it back. With an SD card you could just put it in a PC and you're done. - If you had an SD card you could use multiple ones if you e.g. want to have a movie collection with you for a long journey. - This is not a built-in memory problem, but a unified partition one: You can't use USB mass storage mode and have to rely on MTP/PTP. Some say it works for them but for me it never really did. UMS just works EVERYWHERE. You can take a 15 y.o. PC, it works. MTP is like "good luck". I can't use it on 75% of my Macs because Google's File Transfer doesn't support them, and on the one it runs, it's verryyyy buggy and a real pain for big data transfers. On Windows the explorer is very likely to freeze when doing a transfer. So the only way you could use then is ADB. It works very well. You can even transfer big amounts without a breakdown, but it's nothing for "dumb" users, because you have to use the command line and it's goddamn slow. Sometimes I think I would've typed the bytes faster. Anyway: If there is a goddamn SD card available, we should definitely try to get UMS alive as long as possible! If you want to go back to 29.3. you could try this: It worked for me but I'm not sure how long the file will stay online. So grab it as long as it's there. Good luck! Cheers, landapfel.