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  1. Works perfectly on my SGSIII Mini thanks. I've shared the link on xda-developers as they've only figured out the rooted work around. Roland
  2. I've only had my SGS III Mini about 3 weeks and I don't really want to have to Root as I screwed my previous Android device (Sony Xperia Arc S) after Rooting it & Unlocking the Boot Loader, now everytime I flash a ROM it Randomly reboots, so I'm done with Rooting Iv'e got a Nexus 7 that is completely Stock and unrooted and I've decidded to do the same with my SGS III Mini. Oh well at least I've got Chat Heads to keep me going until they decide to make more devices supported. Roland
  3. Doesn't work. Just tried it now, all it does is link to this thread, and the .apk is the same as all the other ripped .apk's with the Device not Sported screen when launched. Roland
  4. There has got to be an easier way to get it working without editing the Build.prop as not everyone wants to Root their device just for 1 app, I for one refuse to Root my device & edit the build.prop just for Facebook home. @PaulOBrien would it be possible to Decompile the .apk, modify Facebook Home to accept any device & Recompile it again? Roland
  5. Sorry to disappoint everyone but facebook home will only officially be available in the US at launch so UK users will have to get hold of the .apk and side load it onto our phones (might make it available on more phones than the Play Store route.
  6. Has anyone got the released facebook home, it's currently absent from the Play Store here in the UK?
  7. As anyone actually got Facebook Home from the Play Store & is it compatible with the SIII Mini? Roland
  8. Will the Facebook Home app be available on the SIII Mini or the SIII only?
  9. @PaulOBrien Thanks. The Help documentation in the leaked Katana (Facebook app) is miss leading. It seams strange that Facebook have swithched the new Facebook app off but left the Messanger app active.
  10. Facebook keeps coming up with login error & Home won't load when installed, but the new Messanger works fine on my Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini. Will the New Facebook & Home be available outside the US or only for US Members as the Facebook Help says US only?

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