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  1. also flashed dalvik cache, works now! great work sandroid :)
  2. what have you done before installing? wipe cach/wipe dat... am i right?
  3. it doesn't have eu languages... at least not for me... have you tried it out diego?
  4. hey gellmar, i don't want to annoy you but are you working on the european rom or did you pause/end the whole project? :) i hope that it will have the same features that rc2 have... and some more of course ;) euro languages, no status bar music widget and some other advantages... i guess you'll be creative enough... it would be nice if there were the possibility to mod the whole design like in the aopk rom but i think that's hard to do in the custom rom, good luck :)
  5. i guess, the eu language rom got the higher priority now
  6. does your mod also work with the new rc2?
  7. y i never said anything about family xD my school time just ended and i have to write letters to some universities... the universities in my home country suck so i have to go elswhere xP
  8. does the new one have eu languages and overclocking?
  9. great! :) have you already added the language packages? thx :)
  10. i don't want to sound egoistic but today and in the next few days, i have no more time to test bugs and custom roms,,, personal stuff takes over right now :wacko:
  11. does these commands also work if i use a normal stock rom?
  12. I just checked my sd card with gparted... only one fat32 partition...nothing else! maybe something with the sd card is broken? i never got any problems with it and it works fine for me... how to remove this dam n thing???