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  1. Thoughts on moving to WP8

    I went from a SGS2 to a Lumia 920 and loving it. All the scaremongering about there being no apps for WP8 is rubbish. I have pretty much got apps or alternatives for everything I used on Android. And the user interface is such a joy to use. Can't recommend it more. Have a Nexus 7 to run all the apps I purchased for the SGS2 so you could say I sit on both sides of the fence.
  2. In pictures: Nexus 7 32GB confirmed at £199

    There's my Xmas present sorted right there :)
  3. I'm not bashing WinMo.....I've used it for years right from the old SPV E200 upto the Xperia. WinMo 6.5 (and 6.5.1 in particular) are a massive improvement. What I am 'bashing' is what seems to be poor quality control from manufacturers when it comes to WinMo devices. All of the devices I've had over the past few years have had 'issues' or 'eccentricities' that just seem to ruin the whole device: Omnia i900 - could never get it to charge in the car when using GPS. Random freezes/lockups, poor performance. Xperia - key responses on qwerty get worse over time, random freezes (particularly when using SIP - has done this no matter what ROM I use). Perhaps if Microsoft turned it's hand to hardware development and brought out it's own WM phones - or set out tight guidelines on what hardware manufacturers used - these things would stop happening. In all, I think it's down to poor quality control and lack of testing (rushing products to market before they are ready). Nokia design/manufacture the handsets and the OS that runs on them, while S60 also has bugs, these are mainly software related and get fixed. Apple design and manufacture the iPhone and the OS - don't know if it has any bugs but you can probably see where I'm going with this. As I said either MS needs to get a tighter grip on the OEM manufacturers or start making it's own devices. When the perfect WM phone comes along (and when it does it will be a so-called iPhone killer) that will be the phone for me.
  4. Precisely the reason why after all these years I have given up on WinMo. No matter how good the latest phone turns out to be, there always seems to be bugs or other issues that ruin the whole device (my Omnia and Xperia spring to mind here). I know WinMo can't be blamed for the HD2 camera issue but there are software bugs too (like the one with teh calendar). If Microsoft could just get the manufacturers together and bang their heads together these things might stop happening. I'm still waiting for that perfect WinMo device to appear. For the time being, I'm in the Symbian camp!
  5. So called 'App Stores' are pointless IMHO. They've just been made fashionable by the iphone crowd who are either too lazy or don't have a clue how to install applications manually (I hate the word 'app' - as iff Apple invented the concept of applications). I prefer to download and install software myself and don't need a babysitter to do it for me. That's what makes WM what it is - the freedom to download and install what you like - not what the manufacturer 'approves'. :)
  6. This phone looks the dog's dangly bits....I hope it lives up to it's promise. If it does I shall be annoying the missus by buying yet another WM device :)
  7. Don't know what all the fuss is about - there's plenty of phones out there running 6.5! :D
  8. I didn't buy an iPhone as I like the freedom to do what I wish with my own phone - not have to 'Jailbreak' it and not be tied down to the manufacturer (oh and I refuse to buy anything with an Apple badge on it - why get an iPod when there are far better 'open' MP3 players out there). Sure the Omnia is far from perfect and it has annoyed the hell out of me at times - but it is unlocked, open and customisable. WinMo has the whole ROM cooking community to back it up and paper over the cracks which has been mentioned. Never tried Android, Symbian seems further behind the times than WinMo (N97 is a case and point) and the iPhone is locked to Apple - so WinMo it is. If people like their iPhones and hang on Apple's every word then that's their choice - just not for me. WinMo 6.5.1 is a huge improvement but roll on WinMo 7 :D
  9. Has anyone tried this TouchFlo 3D 2 ROM?

    I've settled on the EnergyRom v3 with Titanium and TF3D. Running flawlessly and is now the phone it should have been! ;)
  10. WinMo 6.1? Come on Toshiba get with the times! Looks promising but not sure about that custom interface. Much rather see the standard WM 6.5 Titanium on it. Going off their previous offerings though I'll wait and see rather than get excited about it. Think they could have done better than a 3.2MP camera too considering it's being classed as a multimedia powerhouse.
  11. Can I have your Omnia too? 40% battery after a 5 hour drive using igo8 and not plugged in? That's some battery you have there. My Omnia however drained it's battery within a couple of hours using igo8, CamerAware and plugged into a car charger. That's if it wasn't overheating and shutting down. I can understand some people having a go at the Omnia as it's the same old routine - a company rushing a phone to market before it is ready. They can be forgiven for software bugs as they can be fixed - hardware bugs though (such as the failure to charge when using GPS) is simply unforgiveable. The Omnia could have been a fantastic handset - but the quality control at Samsung needs to get a grip. I gave up after months of trying to get the phone to charge in the car and have since switched to the Xperia. Just because most people are happy with their Omnias doesn't mean others can't have a whine - everyone is entitled to an opinion...it's called democracy.
  12. Have I completely missed it or have they left out the accelerometer from the Omnia II? Watching the Mobileburn video it seems auto screen rotation either wasn't working or is no longer a part of the Omnia experience :D
  13. Here's my Brawn GP skin for all those Brawn fans out there. Not all my own work - it is a modified version of 'Calm Sea' created by JCKOTZE so credit where credit is due (I'm useless at XML so using this as a starting point made it possible): Brawn_M2D_V2.rar
  14. The device is unable to boot

    Try this thread - should help :D