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  1. i have oceanic tablet 7pouce , Does not power ., plzzz help mee plzzzzzzzzzzz if YouTube won't more informations just ask, and thank you
  2. guys , i need to update the 2.0v but i dont know !!! because openvpn not work ( cannot connect) so i think that's the probleme !! please help me !!
  3. guys, when i put the rom there is a message said "Unfortatly ... launcher3 ... stopped" like that !!! that's my probleme ! about the rom is great mann !!
  4. RootBox Problem !!!

    Adrenaline Engine before int2ext or after ??
  5. RootBox Problem !!!

    Adrenaline Engine before int2ext or after ??
  6. RootBox Problem !!!

    noo not working with script her show the logo of android and he off and show the android logo .... but without script work !!! but i neeeed script !!! hhh and thanks advance !!!
  7. RootBox Problem !!!

    when flashing int2ext the step mount and storage >> format/sd-ext is important ???
  8. hi, i have a question before flash int2ext after flashing the rom and gapps, it takes long ?????
  9. hi guys , i have a probleme with my ZTE Skate i but the RootBox Rom for the first time rom work sucss !! but 5 hous later my sd card has broken i put a new sd card and and i ZIPs in that new sd card // but rom not working --->> in recovery message say "installation aborted" and "set_perm: some changes failed" i try the SlimBean ROM , Same think !!! Pleasse Help Meee And sorry for the bad language !! Thanks Adv !!!