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  1. kaiser_bills_batman

    HTC One M7 Disable Lock Screen Pin

    nerds 2 you, thanks for the reply, have you tried to use the PIN option for security and then tried to remove the PIN later. Sure it's there when you have no screen security but when you do have security does it appear. I am asking because i'm trying to establish if there is a bug. When I have a PIN in use the only way to remove it is apparently from the password screen where you have to enter your Google credentials. When I do this Jelly Bean does not recognise my account details even though my account is active and running on the phone.
  2. kaiser_bills_batman

    HTC One M7 Disable Lock Screen Pin

    Hi All, great site for the new HTC One M7. Android Revolution HD ROM I have used the PIN number option to lock my Lock Screen but now want to disable it. This would leave me with the swipe option to pass the lock screen. I can't see an option for disabling or clearing the PIN number in settings or do i have to reinstall the ROM. Can this be done?. In addition to this can the lock screen page be removed or hidden?. Just asking !!!!