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  1. That's a common issue with hynix, it's dead. If you have warranty they fix it.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that GB roms are not fluid? My phone feels faster with KitKat than GB
  3. Razor3000

    i am need a stable fast rom

    I think that cm11 is stable, the only downside is the WiFi tethering.
  4. The ROM is awesome but its really slow in this phone
  5. Looks like the development for this phone is almost dead
  6. I don't have any problem with 20140706 nightly
  7. Can anyone make facebook messenger calls with this ROM?
  8. I don't have that problem with the 26-06 nightly.
  9. You are using a custom ROM in a phone that's not officially supported by cyanogen... If you don't feel comfortable with it you can buy a better phone or you can help to develop. If you can't do nothing of the above just be polite and report the bugs.
  10. that floating notifications thing looks cool but i am a little afraid of the upgrade, the 20-06 nightly is working really well
  11. My phone freezes... I click on power button and nothing appens, people try to call me and the phone just not wake up. For the caller it appears that the phone is ringing but nothing happens. i have to remove the battery and put it again.
  12. I don't use video calls, i will try later