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  1. I only got them last summer (around September I think) so potentially I could still take them back to Vodaphone and try my luck even though they have both been "messed with". As you say, the phone won't respond to anything so I cant connect it to update it. Hopefully I will have better luck with G300 No.3 as if that one fails too neither of us will be very happy! (me because I don't like being defeated but my other half because of the £300 I will have "wasted" on phones). I think these will be the last Huawei phones I buy though if the reliability is going to be this shoddy.. Hence why I've now gone for an S2 myself.
  2. Please help! My trusty G300 died on Sunday. It had been working fine the day before, I left it on charge over night, came to use it on the Sunday lunch time and it was dead as a dodo - no power or charging light (which had also been working when I plugged it in the night before), no response from the power button, nothing! I tried taking the battery out for anything from 20 seconds to 20 mins as well as connecting it via cable to my laptop. The laptop recognised that there was something connected but could not identify it and despite re-installing the drivers it still refuses to connect. My other half therefore let me borrow her G300 as I was going away with work for a few days. All was working fine until this morning when the screen refused to come one. I took the battery out, re-inserted it and it worked fine - for about 5 mins before it froze and I had to start all over again. After half an hour of repeated freezing and battery removals with increasing frequency and severity it has also become completely unresponsive just like my G300. Like mine, despite the battery being almost 100% charged there is no light and no signs of life! I have tried different leads and batteries (a friend of mine has 2 G300's as well) all to no avail. It is also worth pointing out that although both phones were bought from vodaphone within a few weeks of each other last summer, they were running different roms (both had CWM but mine was running a newer ICS lightening rom and my other halfs, an older ICS cyanogenmod rom i think). I have now bought myself an S2 and my GF a replacement G300 but it would be good to get the data off her handset at least as she hasn't backed it up for a couple of months. I am a complete novice when it comes to this and have only been able to put different roms on following instructions on this forum so the helpful insight from some more technically able would be appreciated. Thanks