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  1. Any opinions on the THL 5000 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/In-Stock-Original-THL-5000-5-FHD-IPS-MTK6592T-Octa-Core-Android-4-4-Phone-NFC/1983352428.html ? That 5000 mAh caught my eye. It's not the 160 - 180 $ like the Coolpad F1, but for the 100 $ difference you get a bigger battery (x2 actually), faster CPU and more ROM. Looking to replace my G300 at the end of the year and this looks really good.
  2. There is a backported version of Xposed for gb on xda, but not many modules...
  3. :))) Didn't make any calls yet, but thanks for the update :)
  4. Nightly 20140608 comes with kk 4.4.3. Couldn't find any new stuff, but works pretty much like the 20140602 nightly.
  5. The code from Huawei unlocks the bootloader, not the network. And yes, after unlocking the bootloader the official way you will not have signal loss. Doesn't the phone reboot randomly when on 3G? That is another effect of unofficial bootloader unlocking.
  6. Did you use this tutorial: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/ Or did you use the method on the huaweig300.com website? The method in the tutorial on modaco is the official way to unlock the bootloader.
  7. chelu

    CyanogenMod 11S ???

    Camera keeps force closing. Gallery works. Haven't tried the others yet. I'm on CM11.
  8. I had the phone unlocked the unofficial way and had signal loss. After official unlocking I got rid of 3G reboots and signal loss on the same ROM.
  9. Compared to other roms, how's the battery life for you guys? I installed the rom in the morning, charged the phone to 100% and now i'm under 60. Could be a false impression and the fact that I installed apps in the meantime, but still seems a lot of battery drainage.
  10. chelu

    which rom?

    Revert back to stock B952, that will relock the bootloader. After that unlock it using the above link.
  11. chelu

    which rom?

    The bootloader unlock method from huaweig300.com is causing 3G reboots. To avoid them you have to relock your bootloader (http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128104), then unlock it using the unlock code from Huawei (http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128112). Read the first post before you do anything. Try getting the unlock code with DC Unlocker (dalyer's second link), if that fails, read the first post in the unlock thread for the e-mail. Make sure you put URGENT in the subject. I got it the second day. After unlocking the bootloader, flash CWM (http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128120) or TWRP (). After all that you're good to flash ROMs :) Good luck and don't worry, we were all newbies at first :P
  12. chelu

    which rom?

    Try them all, that's what I did :) Flash a ROM, use it for a week, see what you think of it. Repeat until you run out of ROMs. My personal favourite is CM11, no crashes, no reboots.
  13. Looks like Daz deleted a lot of the builds from the site... Maybe someone who has a CM 9.1 can help you out...
  14. Latest weekly build: http://getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/519/cm-10.2-20140124-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip
  15. Format everything you find in cwm except internal sd and external sd, then flash rom and gapps. Use the gapps by rhen, it's smaller and works perfectly.