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  1. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Ah one more question, or two. Has this downgrade left my phone "rooted", and should I leave that SuperSu app on the phone What does rooted actually mean, and what advantages/disadvantages does that bring? And if I found that for some reason that I wanted or needed to change that status back to "unrooted", could it be done & how would I do that? Ok, that was 3 questions. :P Well I need to take a nap after all that. Have a good day man.
  2. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hey, thanks vhristenco. Your method above worked, and I am back on GB. With wifi. Woohoo. Yessssss!! :) I have to work out how to get all my apps back on, without using the HiSuite backups, but that can wait for now. I'm just chuffed that the phone is working again. I must admit, when I signed into google play, I was expecting to see a list of all the free apps i've downloaded ready to be downloaded again, but I can't see any. But now the phone is sorted, I can work on that in my own time. No rush. Although I'm still definitely a novice, I think I've picked up some good experience during this upgrade/downgrade. Thanks again man. ;) Pen.
  3. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Fair enough. I accept I was being dumb about the lock-screen. Because I had Vodafone branded GB before installing unbranded ICS, I have never seen the default Android lock-screen. :unsure: Anyway I used the "middle package" from the Huawei site, included in their downgrade instructions for ICS versions B936 & B937 only, and it completed really quick. (remember that I was on B952, which is why I didn't take that option initially.) So I went ahead and used their ICS to GB downgrade file, and everything worked very smoothly. Wifi is working as it should, which is a big relief. :) But now there is a different issue. A BIG ISSUE! I cannot restore my IMEI, which is obviously crucial. I’m at Step 6, where I launch GingerbreadRoot.exe. It goes through the process as it should, although when it successfully reaches the end and says that the phone will reboot, it just stays on, with the Huawei logo on screen. I believe it done this on all occasions for me, but on this occasion I'm not getting the SuperSu app installed. So I pull battery, start phone, go in and launch ToolBox5iromV1.0.4.2.apk and press Backup IMEI, and it says No Root Privileges, which is fair enough because I cannot see the SuperSu app in the app drawer. I have my IMEI files (5irom) backed up and ready to go. What do you think? How do I get the SuperSu app on the phone. I thought that launching GingerbreadRoot should install it. How do I get my IMEI back on the phone. Thanks man.
  4. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hi again vhristenco. As you’re aware, I know very little regarding androids etc, but is it possible you have uploaded the wrong files? I only say this because I’ve just noticed (half way through after still having trouble getting the pink bar to reach the end) that the lock screen looks like the one here on cyanogenmod 7:- with a lock symbol on the left, and the sound control on the right. And in settings, as well as the settings icon, there is a Hammer/Spanner symbol that says Home Settings, where there is Theme Settings & Home settings. This is some kind of mod isn’t it? I know I’ve not seen that on this phone since I’ve had it. Could this be what’s causing the issues? If so, could you advise me what to do know? Cheers.
  5. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Damn, that's annoying! Ok, I'll try going through it again. I really appreciate your guidance. Thanks. If you don't mind, can you keep an eye on this thread. If I don't get the thing working (I'll probably have a shot at it later today), I would appreciate picking your brains for which course of action to pursue next. Cheers bro.
  6. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Should it be taking so long? Started 10 mins ago. Pink bar has been stuck at about 1/3 way through for last 8 mins. Update: Now about 20 mins.
  7. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Nice one. I'll let you know what happens.
  8. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    I'm downloading that B895 in step 8 now. Do you mean I should go through the whole 8 steps again, or just carry out step 5? Or "middle package" step 4, then step 5? I take on board that rule regarding backups. It did cross my mind that restoring a backup from ICS to GB might cause problems, but for some reason I figured it was just apps & email etc, and it shouldn't cause any problems. BIG mistake hey. Although the backup did work fine on B882 & B888. It's just that when the OTA for B892 installed, that's when the wifi had issues. Thanks for getting back to me.
  9. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    I'm pretty certain it's a software thing, because like you said, it was working beforehand. And even now, its recognising the wifi and displaying excellent strength.
  10. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hi again. So… I tried other wifi networks, and the same thing happens. I done the factory reset. No change. And I then done the recovery mode thing, formatting the data/cache. No change. The only restore I done was via HiSuite which restored the apps, messages, email, accounts etc, and I’ve never used any other roms. I simply done the original update from GB to ICS using the package on the Huawei site. If you have any ideas, I would welcome them, because I really need to get the wifi working. Do you think I should go through your tutorial again? Is that even possible at this point? Or could I update to ICS via the Huawei site again? Or is there some other process/tutorial that I could carry out? I really appreciate you advice by the way. I don’t know anyone with any knowledge of Andoid, so your help is REALLY appreciated. Pen. Edit: Ps. I forgot to say. If the worst happens, and I have to return it to Vodafone, Do I have to do any thing to the phone first. ie. "unroot it", or remove that "SuperSU App" which is on it, so they can't blame me for it's current state?
  11. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hi again vhristenco. Thanks for replying. Initially, after doing the downgrade, I think the version number was something like B885, and wifi must have been working because I accepted OTA upgrades via the wifi to B888 & then B892. It was definitely two updates to get me to B892. But that is when the wifi stopped working. The router is definitely working ok, because my laptop is working fine using the wifi router. I did reset the router to see if it helped, but no luck. My laptop still connects to it fine, but the phone is in a continual loop of:- "scanning" "obtaining IP address" "disconnecting" "scanning" The phone wifi settings shows the router, with signal strength as "excellent". It just won't make a connection. If you have any ideas, I'll keep an eye on this thread. Cheers.
  12. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Update. After some initial problems (because I'm using XP, and for some reason the Windriver failed to work), I eventually completed it . Turns out that it wasn't a Windriver issue, it was the fact that I wasn't using the original usb lead. Anyway I wanted to backup everything to HiSuite before starting the downgrade, so the usb issue held me back for a few days before realising I was using an identical usb cable which didn't want to work. I eventually found the original usb cable. So.....I followed the tutorial and am back on GB. Yeah!! Thanks again vhristenco. What would we do if good people didn't write tutorials to help us out? Edit: I've just discovered that I now cannot connect to wifi since downgrade to GB. It worked at first and allowed me to accept OTA updates B888 & B892, but now I have no access to wifi since accepting B892 to look for the update to B895. I have no normal signal here, and rely on the connection to wifi as I use a THREE "Home Signal Box" to get any reception at all for calls & txts. It keeps reaching the stage of "Obtaining IP address", fails & repeatedly scans again in a never ending loop!!! I've tried rebooting the phone & the router, re-entering the router password etc. Any answers to this problem would make my day. Cheers.
  13. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Thanks for all that extra detail vhristenco. I really appreciate it. :) Right...... I think I'm gonna give it a shot. If not tonight, then in the next day or two. I will report back with how I got on. Cheers man.
  14. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hi again vhristenco. Could you clarify a few things please? Cheers. step 1. Do I remove the phone from the pc after launching RootG300.exe. step 2. I’ve only ever installed apps straight from googleplay. How do I install this? And is the phone still connected to the pc at this point? When you say “archive folder 5irom”, do you mean copy it to a safe place on the pc? Step 4. When powering on the phone in step 4, is the phone still connected to the pc at this point? In fact, could you add to the guide when the phone is connected to the pc, and when to remove it, because as I read through it, I can’t work out when it should be connected & when it shouldn’t. Is the phone returned to the exact state as I received it from Vodafone? I don’t understand what “rooting” is, but considering this method uses a “RootG300.exe” file, does this mean the phone ends up rooted? If so, I guess that voids the warranty?
  15. How to downgrade from B952 to GB

    Hey vhristenco, thanks for taking the time to write out this tutorial. It's really appreciated. I know from my research that there are many of us who are now in need of this, after upgrading to ICS without giving any thought to what would happen if we never liked it. I'm going to read it through about 100 times before going ahead. ;) I have a couple questions prepared already, and there's a couple more I need to think about. I'll post them here when I'm ready. Cheers bro. Thanks again for your help.