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  1. Marshmallow?

    Marshmallow will be out for our phone, but [email protected] don't know when. Source: http://forum.vodafone.pt/t5/Outros-Equipamentos/Vodafone-Smart-Ultra-6-Actualização-para-o-android-6-Marshmallow/m-p/253112#U253112 Portuguese official support forum from Vodafone
  2. r1 - Custom ROM starter template - Honor 6 H60-L04 B820

    It's possible to have one like this for the Smart Ultra 6? Or it's near impossible? Would like to give it a go... Keep up the good work
  3. New handsets join the 'Smart' family

    I've the smart 4 and I'm liking. Hope modaco start a forum dedicated to this phone
  4. Green Red Blue Boot Screen Fault

    Hi guys, Somehow (i can't remember at what point i did this) i get this splash screen and even with the stock B960 Repack zip it asks me for the pin to unlock the simcard to the network. The card inserted is from Vodafone and the phone was bought to Vodafone so i can't understand why is this happenning. If someone can help i'll appreciate. Thanks
  5. Ventura e Sónia, não batam mais no Junqueiro porque ele é que vai ganhar! Mas têm razão a escolha não foi feliz! #factorxsic

  6. Está competitiva esta liga!!! xD http://t.co/OiU0yfLcqD

  7. Drawzz deixa utilizadores do Meo a fazer desenhos no telemóvel http://t.co/oZhMCb3GpS via @TeKSapo

  8. RT @Beatgiveaways: 8 pairs 8 winners! Rt and follow to enter giveaway (Must be following) winner will be (dmed) http://t.co/CE25qzYGtu

  9. RIP Eusébio uma das maiores figuras do nosso futebol "Governo decreta três dias de luto pela morte de Eusébio http://t.co/HV8J8pIpxW "

  10. New rom !!!

    So will you post the things people ask? :-P
  11. New rom !!!

    The proper URL is this. http://www.solidfiles.com/d/2c5c6878cf/ Which gapps do we have to download? Also you could post some pics
  12. Install 19 nightly and it will work! 21 should work too but I didn't installed yet
  13. need urgent help

    Upgrading your Android OS? There's official updates for G300 to Android 4.0.3 and if you want to update to last Android it's also possible! You have all the info here in Modaco