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  1. [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

    Everything seems to be working fine so far. Didn't test bluetooth, guessing it's pointles, having in mind you said it doesn't work. Works really smooth, great performance, better RAM management & etc. Only thing I didn't like is the laggy camera, there's a huge delay between taking a snap and image processing. Kudos to everyone who worked on it!
  2. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Guess I should look around for a Blade I charger then. The battery recharges twice as long when connected to a PC, so yeah, having a charger is a must.
  3. [Recovery] ClockWorkMod for ZTE Blade III

    You have no phawking idea how much I love you right now! The drivers you provided worked like a charm, thanks a lot!
  4. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Thanks for shining some light on the "issue", I really appreciate it! Looks like I'll need a new charger, which kinda bums me out, but other than that, the Blade III is a pretty solid phone so far.
  5. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Why doesn't the problem persist, while the phone is being charged via an USB port then? USB outputs 500mA, which is even less than the charger's amperage, thus this doesn't make sense. So I'm not the only one?
  6. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Another issue; When you're on a white/gray page you can clearly see rows of vertical pixels on the screen. The rows are equally spaced at about 0,3cm from each other. It's very notable when you're using the green wallpaper the phone comes with (last one from the selection). You have to be close-ish to the screen and tilt it a little bit in order to notice it. Am I alone on this one, or do you guys have it too? A small clarification edit; they're dot-alike.
  7. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    The problem is persisting only on the official charger as far as I'm aware. Yeah, I wonder if we can get our chargers replaced if we notify the company they're shipping bad ones. If not - what charger does your brother use? I'm up for buying one too, if ZTE don't make a 2nd, working rev. of the current ones.
  8. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Uh, that sounds bad. I hope no damages are done to the hardware over time. Probable cause, anyone? A small addition; problem doesn't seem to be persisting, while charging the cellphone off a USB port
  9. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Guess it's time for me to flash it, eh? I'll look up some builds and post up here if my problem is solved. Meanwhile; can anyone else w/ a custom ROM (other than the Aurora build) confirm the problem doesn't persist on their Blade 3s?
  10. All BladeIII hardware issues.

    Same here.
  11. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Are you by any chance running a custom ROM? I'm on stock 4.0.4 and I wonder if people with custom ROMs also experience the same problem.
  12. Charging = awful touch screen experience?

    Hi there! I've purchased the ZTE Blade III a couple of days ago. So far it seems to be running very well, speed isn't really much of an issue. What bothers me though, is that the touch-screen gets VERY sluggish/unresponsive when I connect a charger to the phone. Every time I charge it, I have to restart the phone, in order to get the touchscreen to work normally again. Any help would be appreciated! Greetings, M. Angelov EDIT:Turns out I don't have to reboot the phone in order to get the screen working normally again. I tried unplugging the charger right now and the problem seems to disappear. I guess the main question is: faulty software, or faulty hardware?