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  1. Newest version doesnt work at all in my phone :/ Only got messages "System UI stopped working" "Themer stopped working". Cant shutdown phone without pulling battery out. Restoring backup. Maybe next update works in my phone again :P
  2. I can download nothing. Download starts then stops immediately :/ Edit: Nevermind my sdcard0 was too full and that was the problem.
  3. If you want to remove that CRT effect there is option for that in gravitybox (xposed module). Can't download newest update via cyanogenmodeupdater :/
  4. I ment that widget what is configured in "settings -> lockscreen" (Dont want to change my current launcher :P)
  5. How to get that weather widget working in lockscreen?
  6. Sorry if this is already asked and answered. I tried to find from threat but no success. So is there any information why there is no overclocking? I remember that I red something about kernel earlier.
  7. Is there still that problem that when update via cyanogenmodupdater google play starts saying no connection? I would like to update without full wipes.
  8. For those who had problems with play store or launcher. What I did to get those working: Restored backup from different rom where everything was working (no mather what rom but I restored ICS rom and not earlier nightly). Then full wipes and then flashed newest nightly and full wipes again and then flashed those striped gapps from first post and full wipes again (I don't know is it important to do so many wipes but I did). Then everything was working. Sorry if those instructions were already told.
  9. You can find a changelog in Cyanogenmod updater. Click that rom name.
  10. I also got that "no connection" in play store even everything else apps can use connection. I wiped cache and dalvik cache before but that doesnt help :/ Is only way to get it working to do fresh install? edit: Data connection and wifi icons are red.
  11. I cant sync calendar (or even add calendars to display). Any one else having this problem?