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  1. What I'm triyng to mean if it's possible to do what the Modaco Gr2 rom (I think it has that name) has, on KK. I mean, permanently switch that partitions.
  2. I just want to ask a maybe dumb question: would it be possible to edit partitions on our phone to have 2GB of memory for apps? That would make ART really usable...
  3. I saved it correctly. If I reopen it, i see the file as I modified it.
  4. Dunno what to edit, tried to change the "8818"'s in every line with "8815"'s, but still not working..
  5. Me neither. I tried to install the latest build (4.3.28 i think) on CWM6 and there was some kind of error with build.prop that didn't let me flash the rom. :/
  6. If I install this http://www.solidfiles.com/d/9ad68230b6/Disable-Wake-VolumeKeys.zip from jsevi83's slim-v7 rom (B895 too) would it mess up with something inside the ROM?
  7. Is it possible to configure/change notification toggles?
  8. When I set a big picture as a wallpaper with Launcher3, (not tested with other launchers), after getting some FC's on the first few trials, the image is set finally as a wallpaper, but in greyscale instead of having colors... Anyone with the same issue? How can this be fixed? I'm on 20/1 nightly.
  9. Updated to R4, and no signal loss problems, but the lockscreen camera widget it's not working (status bar doesn't hide, only action avalible in lockscreen camera is to use "back" button to unlock)! D: