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  1. bamdad

    [ROM][4.4.] MIUI v5 (Android 4.1.2)

    thankfully, he's back with his latest omnirom. ^^
  2. bamdad

    [ROM][4.4.] MIUI v5 (Android 4.1.2)

    frak. i have to get a new device soon. : ( seriously mate, it's your decision, but know that i for one always appreciated your work.
  3. if i read correctly, even the thread you linked says it's impossible.. : /
  4. well, i was wrong. my linux's gvfs was the one that sucked. mtp is waaay faster and nicer, i just needed to update my stuff.
  5. really? but mtp sucks. it's faster, yes, but i really would like direct access to my fillesystem(s).. or am i missing something? when i connect my phone through mtp to my computer, i can't mount anything, only banshee sees it as a media device.. that's reeeally limited, i always thought that it's some overdone piracy-protection or something..
  6. bamdad

    Flash Player ?

    10.3? xD anyway, works on cm10.
  7. bamdad

    Need HELP.! Random ReBoots.(

    indeed it's a great rom, but video playback is choppy.. (because of some codec hack thingy that's not fixable). if it wasn't for that, i'd use it as a daily driver.
  8. :quietly anticipates the next build: (there's supposed to be a patch for my terminal woes)
  9. well i've only noticed the wifi problems so far (about a month of daily use) but for me it freezes too somtimes when i turn it on. don't expect these to be patched though, i think konstat gave up on this rom some time ago. might be because these are either device-specfic or upstrem (cm) issues that can't be fixed easily. it's still the best rom around here imo. ; )
  10. iirc i've had some luck with 'asr', give it a go, might work.. ^^
  11. bamdad

    [DEV][ROM][21.5.] Firefox OS - B2G

    cheers, totally misssed that googling for 'firefox os'. ; )
  12. bamdad

    [DEV][ROM][21.5.] Firefox OS - B2G

    so does this have anything to do with unix? is there any posix compatibility, a terminal app or something? please don't yell at me, i'm just asking..
  13. okay, i really feel like a moron going on and on about this, but the wifi freeze thing is still there, with an (afaik) unmodified /system. no xposed, none of my custom init.d scripts, i haven't even swapped the systemui.apk with the one with the galaxy s3 themed toggles. i've also noticed that changing the region code in settings > wi-fi > advanced to anything other than 'europe' gets instantly reverted on exiting the settings panel, and connecting to networks on channel 9 and above is slow and unreliable. here's the logcat, hopefully it makes more sense now: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1242680/wifi.log
  14. it's a known bug. nothing to do but live with it. : /
  15. don't forget to wipe the dalvik cache, though.