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  1. I can boot on Ubuntu. Is it easier to open that file on Linux Based OS.?
  2. I found that *.zip with an *.pdf and an file. in that, I found splash.img - is this the file I need.? how to open it to see what's inside.? splash.img
  3. yeah, thanks a lot ...helped..!!!!!!!! Thank You.:)
  4. can someone help me to restore the original (Orange) Splash Screen....(needed for warranty): p.s. that Orange Square on black background.
  5. Can someone help me with my Blade III .!? I've tried CM10.1, CM10 and different CPU Settings (like Over/Under Clocking and different Governors). I'm getting random reboots.( Most of the times it reboots when i'm getting a call, but in general I don't know when it will happen, it can happen even when i unplug it from the AC. I've tried with and w/o restoring my data (backups). Now wanna try MIUI, if it will not help, will go back to Aurora.( p.s. but I don't want ICS, I want JB (4.2.2 likely:) please,!
  6. tried with 7zip and didn't work, now using WinRAR and it's ok, thx.! :) Gr8 Work..!!!
  7. sorry for maybe a newbie Q, but, how to use *.bmp files.? (I know what to do with the *.zip - just flash in CWM, but *.bmp.???)
  8. can someone provide me a flashable .zip with the kernel.? I have a problem with my doesn't want to start.!!!( wanted to try another kernel or smth to do to make it work.!!! help pls.?

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