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  1. I think its based on Omni ROM as the clock widget is of Omni ROM
  2. Hassams

    BEST ROM FOR y300/g510 !!!

    Most of them are but i'm not, i have never taken part in any childish conversation which is going on specially in CM10.2/CM11 threads and no i never doubt anyone's ability of doing anything. Josetone is one of my favorite dev(i don't believe in idealism) in this forum I like his work i didn't forget his contribution in fixing RIL, adding feature to get a more balanced device, FM radio etc. Kindly don't judge anyone, here people simply didn't understand where to post his/her thread so this kind of behavior is likely to be seen
  3. Hassams

    BEST ROM FOR y300/g510 !!!

    Comparison of developers work is disrespectful and unethical Edit: development sub-forum is only for posting ROM, Kernel, Recovery etc.
  4. Hassams

    Blue screen

    Tell me you didn't use swapper ? And yes your only chance is to use the right UPDATE.APP for your phone. What was your factory build ? With blue screen you can't.
  5. You don't have to ask him, see his location in his profile and figure it out yourself.
  6. Use/get help from this Google Bootanimation, Source
  7. I didn't mean to be rude, my apologies if you felt that way. Put dload folder which contain UPDATE.APP(the one which is meant for your device) in your SD card, turn off your phone remove the battery for 5 to 10 seconds reinsert it and press volume up and down with power button simultaneously until you see the update screen. leave the phone to complete the process it will automatically restart after the process get performed successful. if its failed then you are not using a correct UPDATE.APP for your device
  8. Don't do anything with your eyes closed. You just need to flash your official firmware (UPDATE.APP) to get back to your original stock stage with stock recovery and all the stuff Maybe you don't read this because you have spammed alot now you even don't know where to look. For GOD sake don't misguide people.
  9. Are "adb" and "fastboot" commands are recognizable ? You don't need the whole Android SDK for only two commands but make sure device drivers are installed. Now fallow these steps: 1- Download This, unzip it and you'll get Adb_fastboot folder 2- Hit windows key and type cmd now right click on cmd and click copy, now paste it to the Adb_fastboot folder which you recently unzipped. 3- Now open the same cmd.exe which you copied in the Adb_fastboot folder and type adb or fastboot if you see list of command then from now on you can use adb and fastboot command but only from the cmd.exe in Adb_fastboot folder. 4- Now fallow the rest of the Unlocking procedure from this link, start from the Unlocking procedure i.e, connect your device, type fastboot devices( Note: if you can't see your device after typing fastboot devices then the drivers might not be installed (check device manager), download the drivers and install them....
  10. Its a feature called CRT animation but right now its not working properly in this ROM, you can turn it off in settings--> Display
  11. I wish i can test these but right now i'm on stock
  12. Phone stuck on huawei ascend's screen, flashed stock version v48 on a stock based ROM.