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  1. Got problem here.. again... So when I try to downgrade from KK to any rom (JB or ICS) i got an error in recovery which describes problem with bulid.prop file... No flashable zip works only CM11 night bulids .. anyone has solution?
  2. I have used a lot of packages, including yours but not working.. Finally I have flashed Gapps for 4.4.0 and It´s working
  3. PA GAAPPS not working for me, gonna try this one EDIT: Not working for me :( Hnagouts crashing, cant add google account, Play store missing.. Whats up? .. Got same problems with GAPPS on CM 10.1
  4. IDK Why but I can´t install GAPPS... trying 5th package and allways stuck on "Starting apps" ... If I install GAPPS with ROM, I cant type password for wi-fi also cant open keyboard... Whats wrong?
  5. Cant access my SIM card :( allways shows me "Possible incorrect pin" and after startup no "Enter PIN" screen.. so I cant do cals, messaging, etc..
  6. I dont know how, but I changed it some time ago :D but I had to reflash ROM because GAPPS problem so I can´t help you :(
  7. Problem with GAPPS.... after flashing rom package and Google apps, everything get FC
  8. Got this rom, but I can´t overclock CPU higher than 1008 Mhz .. My baseband is 2030 and I´m using latest 20131121 nightly. Pls help
  9. Hi. This ROM looks perfect, runs smoothly but I´ve got some problem. When I turn on Wi-fi it indicates me only connection in LAN (grey icon) . At first start I got blue indicator, but only for few minutes. However, Internet works, but only some time.Tried to change settings of network address from DHCP to static but nothing changed. Previously used CM 10, done full wipe and IDK how to fix that... Thanx alot.
  10. I saw some pictures of this rom. Looks nice, hope it´ll be ported to G300 so we have to wait :D
  11. I think, I´m pretty **** up ... Just packed phone into box and sending to seller for authorised repair.. :( Official update from Huawei website didnt worked, log allways wrote FAILS ... :'(
  12. Just tried this, but progress bar is stucked at the beginning up to 20 minutes... Nothning happens.. what should I do please?
  13. Akurát to testujem, vyzerá byť v pohode :) Pekná práca ;)