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  1. I updated OTA to latest nightly, but it said I had to download google services and I couldn't log in in the play store. Has this happened to anyone? Was this because I didn't update the gapps too? I reverted back so I can do it right. ps: can anyone confirm that gifs in 9gag app work properly in newest build?
  2. So... is this something that can be changed? I'd love to get more touch points.
  3. I'm using it for 3 days and i'm absolutely loving it, great for daily use! Camera works great. Opera works great. Amazing battery life. Just wish the SD thingy would be fixed, because other than that, this rom is one of the smoothest i've tried.
  4. I was going to report this problem too. Can't install most games because of that error. Badland was the 1st to work
  5. Thank, I actually didn't see that, but I don't understand what it means anyways. :( PS: i did a clean install with your gapps, and everything was solved (keyboard AND launcher) with full wipes. Thanks! edit: Somehow, now I don't have any ringtones o_o, this is weird.
  6. Hmm, I did read all the posts and didn't find any answer.
  7. Is there a way to put the status bar transparent ?
  8. Mine is working fine. If you meant moving apps to sd, nope, that also doesn't work for me. (haven't tried app2sd though)
  9. Guys, I've installed this but I have no launcher and no keyboard. I can't do anything =\. I've tried installing those slim gapps someone posted before too, but same thing happened. What can I do? edit: I've manged to work around it. I set File Manager to the Lock Screen, and installed Swift Key and Nova Launcher.
  10. Guys, I want to install 4.4. Two questions: - Do i need to update CWM? I have version 5. - How do I update CWM? I've looked around and didn't find out.
  11. My question is if it's a software issue caused by Instagram, or if it's related to some hardware limitation. I would be glad to help with more logcats/feedback about this issue. I came here to ask the exact same thing. Happens to me to.
  12. Gonna try this out in a few. Already saving it to SD.
  13. gmotta

    [Free Game] Simple yet Challenging: Drippitt!

    The game has a lot of potential. Very interesting but the graphics are a bit off imo. Eye candy, a better design and stuff like leaderboards and achievements would be cool! but nice job!
  14. Any good OC settings you've tried to run games a bit faster? Some games are running faster than before, but Sonic 1 is slow. =(