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  1. maschenazi

    How do I delete my account

    I would like to delete my account as well please.
  2. maschenazi

    G sensor / accelerometer problem

    Go to HTC website and download the Hot Fix for G-Sensor Calibration in HTC Touch Diamond HTC G-Sensor Calibration link This will allow you to calibrate your G-Sensor
  3. Anybody knows any software capable of turning radio on/off at a specified time? Freeware will do better B) Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have tried replacing fmodce.dll with few versions I found on the internet. Still no joy. I tried to install .NET CF 2.0 but it says is not compatible with the current OS. Sorry to be a pain but I am quite a novice with smartphones.
  5. Thanks for the program. It works great on my SPV E650, but when I try it on my older SPV E200 it doesn't work. I installed the latest version of snooze, but when I try to open it, I just get the turning circle (processing) and after 2 seconds, nothing happens. Is it not compatible with Win CE 4.20 ? Is it anything I could do to get it to work ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. maschenazi

    SPV E650 VPN

    Hi everybody Anyone tried the VPN on E650 ? I managed to set up the VPN, but how do u actualy connect to it? :rolleyes: Is there a way to access a network share using the VPN or WIFI connection? Thanks