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  1. IMEI i can back very easy in option *#*#3646633#*#* there is radio option i think dont remember now, there is sim1 and sim 2 just input there ur IMEI from under the battery or if you have box there u can found phones IMEI. thank you againf for ur help . If I find any straightforward solution I'll write here on forum
  2. no man not help, now all time when im flesh my IMEI number gone.something its wrong with this phone, i dont know what. thank you for help
  3. hm... im try to flash minimum 20 times and problem is here, than im try to flash lava iris jelly bean and after that CWM , and same problem here again. im just one time sucsesful start CWM and im say in post up some eror show me on one file, after that no way to start CWM. very strange. trying all time to run but unsuccessfully. Please try and you to find a solution and placed here and I'm constantly working on it,
  4. No. try to understend me, im instal new lava iris jelly bean, than i try to root, but here is problem when i do first step( proces flashing CWM) i folow ur 14 steps and its ok after that i see OK with green ring. than i turn on my phone and save super user and su-bin on memory kard, than turn off the phone. now i can't start clockwork mod. just see lava logo and phone freezing or phone start normal in android system that is problem. i think that CWM its damaged or something. du you have some other CWM mybe older version to try??
  5. where is tutorial step by step how to isntal this on my phone? how to isntal this rom on phone? with flash tool or ? pls explain me
  6. hm... something is wrong here. im doing flashing phone and see fter that OK. thjan turn on phone evrything is normal, but logn i recovery mode (volume up+ home and power button) nothing heppend, im one time successful log in recovery but than superuser show some eror to isntal and after that i can't login anymore in recovery.what I could be a problem?
  7. Flash your phone with this CWM Recovery using SP Flash Tool ??? im downlaod all file but now hot to do that im rename and what now?
  8. Eddy12

    LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Problem gone. thank you im instal that andropid and works perfekt. now go to root my phone
  9. Eddy12

    LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    First problem: in device manager i dont see that driver instaled, but when i run USBDeview i see driver, second when i run SP flash tool nothing heppend. phone is turn off and when conect to pc nothing heppend anywhere just recharge pone batery flash tools nothing
  10. Eddy12

    LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Thank you for ur help, but first i need to root phone, now tell me can i root my phone if is fabrik instaled android 4.1.1 or i must instal this firmware lava iris
  11. Eddy12

    LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Hello im new here and new user of prestigio. tell me where to put that MediaTek USB VCOM drivers on my pc?? and how to conet phone with SP Flash Tool??its that like on galaxy?'I have some expirience with galaxy and custom rooms and root but with prestigio im new.