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  1. Hi, Just one quick (maybe dumb) question: Can I flash CM11 over stock ICS? The phone is currently running stock ICS 4.0.3. Everything else is already done. I officially unlocked the bootloader, and installed the latest CWM. Can I now flash CM11 o do I have to make an update to a previous CM version, like 10 o 10.1? Thanks for your time!
  2. Really useful comment!! keep up the good work!! If you have anything else to contribute, just let us know, you've been really helpful. Happy new year to you too!
  3. Hi, I´ve been following this topic for a long time, but have never tried yet to install CM on a G300 (thoug I´ve done it in some other phones). My quick and short question is: can I reinstall the stock rom 4.0.3 eventually if I want to? Thanks in advance!
  4. Will the development of nightlies be moving into a new thread because of the 4.4.2 update, or will remain in this thread?