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  1. I also tried but didnt work for mee.Which version of twrp you used and where you donload latest miui?
  2. I also edited but the same i cant flash,same error again....
  3. I cant flash the latest version 4.2.8 i downloaded from miui official site.....
  4. [ICS][4.0.4]LeWa OS V4 - R2

    It is possible to make lewa os5 rom?
  5. What is the impresion of LEWA OS5 is someone tried,how is it?
  6. I wiill try now and it showing Unfortunately the process android.proces.acore has stoped.. Always my phone start to ring and this happend and it is inposible to receive call
  7. Lewa looks very,very nice but the main function of the phone is not working i cant recive incoming calls....And there some chinese apps that using a lot of memory.Maybe someone who know can fix this.Thanks.
  8. Is there some option to remove chinese letters from lock screne.I really like the lock screen 'hot word search' the others lock screen are sluggishly. Once again thanks for your rom.
  9. Is there some newer version of miui based on cm7?
  10. Thanks pOcHa definitely the best rom for our phone in mine opinion,thanks again :)
  11. What is opinion about last verzion?