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  1. Network issue with Xolo x900 while using Internet

    Hi Protoplasm, I have this issue of Signal Loss too, and this method does not work , but i am sure that this is something software related , as its fixed when the phone is rebooted , there is nothing wrong with Hardware , I do not want to send out my phone to Xolo Service Center given there reputation with fixing issues in all forums that I went through , If only we could raise this with Intel , I am sure , they can reproduce and fix this , May be the Jellybean issue would fix this. If you find some other method , please let us know Thanks
  2. 12 MB update ..

    And Yes , Candy Crush and Subway Surfer now works Still waiting for World at Arms and League of Heros to run :)
  3. 12 MB update ..

    Any body out there who faces Signal Lose issue with the device , probably would be fixed after Update, MIne just shows no signal randomly and I have to eventually reboot to get it back. Also happens when I am in a middle of a call !!!!! :(
  4. 12 MB update ..

    Hi All , I also downloaded the 12 MB Update recently, see some changes in the NFC settings , and I must say the GPS Lock has considerably improved , locks within seconds compared to minutes that it took before. Even finds satellites in my Closed Room. Eagerly Wating for JellyBean , Hope it fixes my Wifi Direct , NFC and Enables FM and SD Card :)