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  1. Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    is there anyway to make that flashable and make it so that we dont just copy one guys imei?
  2. Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    and same ram and rom and 2gb internal storage XD i can run like 99% of your roms
  3. Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    U8665 same CPU same adereno 200 only difference is screen size I flashed the 2030 and lost 3g but still have edge
  4. Use HSPA:11 in any rom

    hey i have a american phone that can run your baseband and when i flashed the baseband/modems and that stuff i lost 3g and i used the australian modems but now my 3g is patchy and the phone doesnt have any update.apps i use 850/1900/2100 hsdpa would this work?
  5. does wifi work for you guys?