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  1. Snowscape

    [DEAD] Don't post to this thread!

    Overclocking cpu to 1190 MHz and over still causes instant reboot for me. Can anyone confirm that?
  2. Snowscape

    [DEAD] Don't post to this thread!

    Konstat, I flashed a kernel from the post above over a half of an hour ago, then I changed governor to smartass2, played with cpu frequencies, sent a sms, made a call, watched a video on YT and... no reboots so far. Before flashing it wouldn't be possible. The phone would freeze right after changing frequency, governor or after a few taps on the screen. I don't want to jump into conclusions, but it seems that you've found the fix!
  3. Snowscape

    [DEAD] Don't post to this thread!

    I only asked if it might be somehow related to the blue screen issue which I also suffer from. An symptom not mentioned by anyone yet. I don't see anything bad in my question. Anyway I have been running stock on on-demand governor (I checked it with an appropriate app) and no reboots at all. 100% stable rom. Imo this is not an issue that can be overlooked. However I always thought the default governor was on-demand. Could be wrong though.
  4. Snowscape

    [DEAD] Don't post to this thread!

    Do anyone who suffer from reboots have this issue? My device often reboots when a signal of my mobile network is weak, governor doesn't matter. It happens when I press the power button to turn the screen on. Nothing happens, only button's backlight light up and after a while, BANG, reboot. Yesterday I was in the suburbs, where the signal was weak and I couldn't start up my phone for about 3 hours. I don't want to litter this thread with a different problem, but I'm just curious if it's connected with blue screen issue, because it wasn't happening in CM9 and stock.
  5. Snowscape

    [DEAD] Don't post to this thread!

    Well, it seems we do not. Poland here. As far as I remember my phone came with B03 software, but I'm going to post all the informations requested by Konstat in an hour or two, because I need my phone to be disposable now. Then I'm going to update my stock firmware, install CM10 and see if it fixes the issue. EDIT My phone's specs: stock firmware version - PLAY_P772N10V1.0.0B03 I didn't get any update of the firmware I purchased this device in Poland in Play store (no, not the Google's one) somewhere in May. The device isn't simlocked. LCD panel - zteTRULY_LG(R61408)_480*800_4.0Inch TS Information: Manufacturer: Synaptics Chip type: S2202(0x32) Sensor partner: Success(0x33) FW Revision: 0B Update flag: 0x0 Camera: OV5640-5.0Mp-AF WiFi: Atheros AR_6005 BT: Qualcomm
  6. Snowscape

    "multiboot" from SDcard possible?

    There's an app on the market called Boot Manager, which will allow you to install several roms on sdcard and switch between them. I haven't tested it on Blade 3, but it worked well on HTC Wildfire.
  7. Snowscape

    Ring Tones

    I guess you have a folder in /sdcard called "ringtones". Simply copy the desired ringtones to that folder.
  8. Snowscape


    Ok, so you don't have any rom installed because you have wiped all partitions. Also you have recovery which isn't compatible with stock rom you're trying to install. You have to download stock rom which IS compatible with your recovery. The one that matches this requirements is probably Slovakian one. Then you'll be able to flash cwm again. The fact that you've wiped /system is not a problem. The problem is that you're trying to install stock rom with wrong stock recovery (they aren't all the same).
  9. Snowscape


    The recovery you have flashed is not for every stock ROM. Try flashing non branded stock ROM, which can be found in stock roms thread. It is labeled as Slovakian afair. And next time when you want to flash stock rom, you have to do it using recovery which is located inside that particular update.zip you want to flash.
  10. Snowscape

    Problems installing Jelly Bean ROM's

    Hey, no need to say sorry, I didn't mean the script, I only meant the fact that only performance governor works for us, so setting it automatically with that script will bring the same effect as setting it manually in device settings ;). The problem with other governors still exists, though.
  11. Snowscape

    Problems installing Jelly Bean ROM's

    It worked, because this script sets governor to performance at boot as you had wished before. So nihil novi, we've already figured it out that performance works properly :P. It would be great to find some way to use all governors to reduce battery drainage. Installing stock firmware didn't work for me neither. I will also mention that changing i/o schedulers doesn't do the job. I've recorded logcat between boot and freeze. http://pastebin.com/6iWk01PT Here's dmesg http://pastebin.com/ccRFtDPz
  12. Snowscape

    Problems installing Jelly Bean ROM's

    Simply tick "set on boot" option in cpu settings. This won't fix freezes on reboot though. Apparently the governor is being set at the end of booting process.
  13. Snowscape

    Problems installing Jelly Bean ROM's

    Exactly, I'm aware of this. The battery lasts about 15-17 hours of moderate use on performance governor. It's the only way to get rid of those freezes and be able to run JB I've found so far though. But I'm not a dev and don't have knowledge to look for the solution somewhere deeper. Well, other way is to revert back to ICS ;)
  14. Snowscape

    Problems installing Jelly Bean ROM's

    I see the problem is still unsolved, so maybe this will help a little bit. I had had the same problem with phone freezing on the bootanimation, but after a few attempts it managed to finish booting. But it was catching freezes at random moments, while I was using it, as someone mentioned before. I had pulled out sd card to check if this was its error, but it didn't solve the problem. Then I started to play around with cpu governors and overclocking. And when I'd set the governor to "performance", so the one that fixes the cpu at constant frequency I found that the freezes were totally gone. Well, it would sometimes freeze on reboot, but I could normally use the phone. Attempts of changing cpu frequency (didn't matter if I was lowering it or boosting) were causing instant hang. Another clue is the fact that after such a freeze, while rebooting the phone the "Android is upgrading" screen was appearing, like dalvik cache had been wiped. It happens only on JB roms, ICS works fine. So the temporary fix is, once it finish boot, to set the governor to performance. Battery drains pretty fast, though.