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  1. guys i installed many android 4.0 roms on my l3 but still remains a problem...my Vodafone 128k doesn't recognize by the phone...how can i solve this problem?thanks
  2. guys this is not kitkat....it's a stock themed like kitkat...i try on my l3 and it's good but not kitkat...
  3. I have the same problem but when i open the b2cappsetup.exe there is not a section where i have to insert the IMEI...how can i do?
  4. Doesn't work for me :(
  5. I found anything on google...
  6. Can you give the link for download?thanks...
  7. i don't know cause service centre is too far from my home....200 km...so i buy a new phone...but if i find a solution i will repair my l3 by myself...
  8. Man i am in your same situation and i try all the solutions i find on the net but nothing....i think the only way is to take the phone in a service centre :(
  9. Sorry for the three post i put, i had problems with the app in my phone :(
  10. Wow...and it goes good yes?
  11. yeah i will be interested in that :)
  12. Can you change the file hosting?cause in box it says that i can't download...
  13. If you want on my pc i have a zip of a lg e430 rom... And tomorrow i will upload it on gdrive...
  14. Go into recovery...wipe only cache...then install new nightly and step4 of sdmerge...if you do like this, you don't lose settings, apps and data
  15. Oh good can i have one? :)

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